hotfoot it


To travel as fast as one can, usually by walking or running. We need to hotfoot it out of here before Mom catches us going through her things!

hotfoot it (off to) (somewhere)

to go somewhere as fast as possible. I've got to hotfoot it off to school. When they heard the police sirens, the thieves hotfooted home.
See also: hotfoot

hotfoot it

Go in haste, walk fast or run. For example, I'll have to hotfoot it to the airport if I'm to meet them. [Slang; c. 1900]
See also: hotfoot

ˈhotfoot it

(informal) walk or run somewhere quickly: Once the police arrived, we hotfooted it out of there.
See also: hotfoot
References in periodicals archive ?
com 7 hotfoot it Get yourself some woollen socks, because no-one wants cold tootsies, PS4, Accessorize, uk.
We advise Max Branning to hotfoot it out of Walford as quickly as possible.
Cold Feet actor James Nesbitt was on hand to see the horse he part-owns hotfoot it to victory in his first outing since winning this race 12 months ago.
This week, police negotiator Inspector Emma Brookes has to hotfoot it to the scene of a potential suicide.
But anyone in search of Sondheim's charm--and his work from an even earlier date--should hotfoot it to London's Arts Theater to catch "Saturday Night.
So, if you haven't bought your seasonal pair yet, it's time to hotfoot it to the shops and fill your boots:
It's all live on Sky Sports for those who can't get there, but surely plenty will hotfoot it over from the first day of Glorious Goodwood.
THE worst thing a woman can do when her man becomes infatuated with a heavenly creature like Angelina Jolie is to hotfoot it halfway across the world looking all glum and tearful to read him the riot act.
Liberty X kick off the live radio broadcast at 1pm - then they're being whisked away to Glasgow Airport to hotfoot it to St Albans for a gig - with Irish honeys D-Side in hot pursuit.
A hot air balloon he was riding in during filming of a commercial crashed in a bean field, and he had to hotfoot it across the field in full costume chased by a farmer and a pack of dogs.
com 7 red or dead Hotfoot it in these high shine scarlet ankle boots, PS45, Miss Selfridge, missselfridge.
EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 We advise Max Branning to hotfoot it out of Walford as quickly as possible.
Just hotfoot it down to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, March 9.
THE View had to hotfoot it from yesterday's Cash For Kids lunch to an unexpected gig in Shetland.