hotbed of

hotbed of something

Fig. a nest of something; a gathering place of something. This office is a hotbed of lazy people. My class is a hotbed of nerds.
See also: hotbed, of
References in classic literature ?
The only course that seemed to him in any way satisfactory in this his hour of rejuvenation was to visit the bee farm, the hotbed of crime, and keep an eye on it.
A dismal swamp, on which the half-built houses rot away: cleared here and there for the space of a few yards; and teeming, then, with rank unwholesome vegetation, in whose baleful shade the wretched wanderers who are tempted hither, droop, and die, and lay their bones; the hateful Mississippi circling and eddying before it, and turning off upon its southern course a slimy monster hideous to behold; a hotbed of disease, an ugly sepulchre, a grave uncheered by any gleam of promise: a place without one single quality, in earth or air or water, to commend it: such is this dismal Cairo.
Even then I realized the possibilities of my suburb, that hotbed of revolution in which heroes, inventors, and practical men of science, rogues and scoundrels, virtues and vices, were all packed together by poverty, stifled by necessity, drowned in drink, and consumed by ardent spirits.
No other details were available but Coventry has been a hotbed of potential UFO sightings over the years.
I said, and I stand by it, that as a player when you get off the bus at Newcastle and Sunderland you feel like you are in a hotbed of football - and you don't get that at Middlesbrough," he reiterated.
After identifying Uttarakhand as the hotbed of conversion, several RSS affiliates and umbrella organisations have started holding special camps to educate Hindu masses about the ' conversion problem' in the state and amid those who have migrated out of their native place in Uttarakhand.
Qatar, hardly a hotbed of football, but most definitely a hotbed of hotbeds, also stands accused of running roughshod over the rights of workers and of ignoring the sacred rule of grammar that says a 'u' must come after a 'q.
IT WAS a local historian who was author of a book many moons ago entitled The Hotbed of Football.
The heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is a hotbed of success for a business that has grown to become one of the largest independent television production companies outside of London.
A deputy sheriff in the terrorist hotbed of Fresno posed as an especially active and motivated member of a local peace group--a ruse that unraveled when the deputy died and members of the group recognized his picture in an obituary.
By any measure, the community would seem to be a hotbed of anti-U.
The area, which many people consider the dividing line between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is quickly becoming a hotbed of residential development.
Dedicated to 'advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts', according to the beginning of its rather long mission statement the institution is based at the Roman Catholic University of Notre Dame architecture school which turns out to have been a hotbed of classical and 'traditional' architecture for the last 12 years.
Top Secrets Revealed: The Hassle Free Approach To Car Buying & Leasing by professional auto buying consultant Marc Vanasse is a hotbed of tips, tricks, and techniques to save the dedicated auto shopper money.