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MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have advised farmers to perform pest scouting of cotton crop twice a week pleading that officials have noticed hot spots of pests and bollworms in some parts of cotton zone districts of Punjab.
If fleas or ticks set off hot spots in your dog, try a different type of flea and tick control, such as a monthly preventive sold at veterinary clinics.
cholerae and R391 of Providencia rettgeri (5), showed that the conserved backbone apparently contains 3 hot spots for insertions of additional DNA sequences: the first between sO43 and traL, the second between trA and sO54, and the third between sO73 and traF.
Bosses and pads increase metal thickness, create hot spots and cause open grain or draws.
1) These problem-solving strategies focus on crime generators and hot spots that plague law enforcement agencies in the United States.
A hot spot is implemented by a hot spot subsystem [8].
The Wi-Fi toolkit will make ASTRI's Wi-Fi phone capable of roaming at tens of thousands of commercial hot spots around the world.
In Bahawalpur, six hot spot of white fly, fourteen hot spots of Jassid, four hot spots of Mealy Bug, and armyworm (2).
The fallibility of Hot Spot, which forms part of the decision review system (DRS) in international cricket, were exposed this summer when several faint edges went undetected, the report said.
When a plume reaches the ceiling formed by Earth's crust, it becomes a hot spot and fuels volcanic activity.
But the Yellowstone hot spot continues to push up against the crust, causing the caldera to heave and sink (see diagrams, p.
This concentrated area is called a hot spot because a stationary piece of work or a metal target plate mounted in line with the blast becomes hot when subjected to a blast of 30 sec or longer.
The Boingo Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit enables Symbian OS licensees to integrate Wi-Fi roaming capabilities directly into their Symbian smartphones, offering seamless connectivity with Boingo's award winning Wi-Fi hot spot service.
In city, three hot spots of white fly, five hot spots of Aphid, a hot spot of armyworm, and one Mealy Bug hot spot was reported.
Much of what scientists know about hot spots came from NASA's Galileo mission, which released an atmospheric probe that descended into a hot spot in 1995.