hot skinny

(hot) skinny

n. inside information. I’ve got the hot skinny on Mary and her boyfriend.
See also: hot, skinny
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Written on the side was "one shot, extra hot skinny latte".
Karen Lloyd's casket was decked out in Costa's burgundy livery with "one shot, extra hot skinny latte" written on the side.
Mmmmm, they are good,'' mumbled Gale Alcorn of Thousand Oaks, nibbling on a hot Skinny Fry.
With songs like Skinny Jeans, The Incredible Shrinking Women, You Da Boss, I'm a Hottie Now and Objects in the Mirror Will Get Thinner Than They Now Appear, Heidi's humorous lyrics cover topics from control over food to getting to the gym, to sliding into those hot skinny jeans.
Highlighted in the daily emails (9/11-9/15) and Home Page, women's fashion trends of note were: Royal Treatment (velvet and velour), Rank & File (military-inspired looks), Western Romance (a favorite with ruffles and fringe) and, of course, Legwork, capturing the hot skinny leggings trend sticking it out through the winter.