hot off the press

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hot off the press(es)

1. Freshly printed, as of a periodical. The latest edition of the student newspaper is hot off the press, and my class is going to distribute it at lunch. Back in my day, you could tell when a newspaper was hot off the presses because it was actually still hot!
2. Newly-circulating, as of a bit of news or gossip. Did you hear that Mara dumped Jim? It's hot off the press! Hey, it's hot off the presses—Greg got the promotion over Paul.
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hot off the press

Fig. freshly printed; just released by a publisher. Here is a copy of the new Perry Hodder novel. It's hot off the press.
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hot off the press

Newly printed; sensational and exciting. For example, I've got it hot off the press-he's resigning, or This design is hot off the press. [c. 1900]
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ˌhot off the ˈpress

news that is hot off the press has just appeared in the newspapers and is fresh and usually exciting: Listen to this story — it’s hot off the press!
Paper that has just been printed on a press (= printing machine) is still warm.
See also: hot, off, press
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Only opened in the last seven days in a former newspaper office within Conwy's town walls - they even call their menu The Daily Post - this headlining info is hot off the press.
Also, this month, we introduce a new resource hot off the press, Citizens Building Communities: The ABCs of Public Dialogue.
Conference attendees received the memorandum hot off the press.
The ranking of investment-worthy countries is hot off the press and Brazil was burned
Hot off the press and launched in July at the AIATSIS Council meeting in Port Augusta is the latest in the AIATSIS report series: An Aboriginal Village in South Australia: A Snapshot of Davenport by Marika Moisseeff.
The three-track EP, Hot Off The Press, follows the band's successful 2014 singles, Lost for Words and When Your Mother Goes Home.
Last week's column was still hot off the press when a complaint came in from the Office for National Statistics in Cardiff.
COPIES of a Teesside school's first newsletter were running hot off the press after pupils held the front page to feature the most important event of its short life.
HOT off the press comes news that the ever-expanding Caterham Cars Limited are dipping a toe into the motorcycle business.
There's our newspaper, just as always, and our e-newsletters, but since April 2013 we've introduced a new website, a new mobile site, e-editions for tablet devices and - almost still hot off the press - our new mobile apps.
He has released 32 albums, with his latest - Songs For The Coming Home - hot off the press and available for tomorrow night's return appearance at Rugby Roots in the town's Lawrence Sheriff School.
The children have produced the first edition, snappily called Paddock Press, and their fellow pupils and teachers have been queueing up to read the school news hot off the press.
All the same, the more I immerse myself in the social legislation of the early 19th century, the more I think I'm reading a government paper (green or white), hot off the press.
The findings were released by the Port Washington, NY-based market research company at its Hot off the Press event at the Rainbow Room in New York City.
hot off the press Echo competition winner Michelle Govier and husband David at the City press conference.