(have done) more (something) than (one) has had hot dinners

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(have done) more (something) than (one) has had hot dinners

Has more experience at something than the person one is referring to. Oh please, I've completed more of these reports than he's had hot dinners, so no, I'm not going to listen to any of his suggestions.
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more something than someone has had hot dinners

If you have had or done more something than someone has had hot dinners, you have had a very large number of them or done something a very large number of times. His trainer has probably seen more fights than most men of his age have had hot dinners. She's had more boyfriends than I've had hot dinners.

more — than someone has had hot dinners

someone's experience of a specified activity or phenomenon is vastly greater than someone else's. British informal
1998 Odds On Triplett has been second more times than he's had hot dinners, and there must be a question about his bottle, but he has two qualities that will stand him in good stead at the Olympic Club.
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more .../more often than somebody has had hot ˈdinners

(informal, often humorous) used for emphasizing how much/many or how often somebody has done something: He’s won more medals than you’ve had hot dinners.She’s been to France more often than you’ve had hot dinners.
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References in classic literature ?
But all of the men understood the convention and drank; they believed that by it they were getting something for nothing--for they did not need to take more than one drink, and upon the strength of it they might fill themselves up with a good hot dinner.
Tom was fond of hot punch--I may venture to say he was VERY fond of hot punch--and after he had seen the vixenish mare well fed and well littered down, and had eaten every bit of the nice little hot dinner which the widow tossed up for him with her own hands, he just ordered a tumbler of it by way of experiment.
JEREMY Corbyn has had more positions on a second independence referendum than he's had hot dinners.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm CAIN and Moira have been on and off more times than they've had hot dinners, and this time it's Holly who comes between them.
The poor lass has had more drama in her life than we've had hot dinners, so we don't blame her penny-pinching methods.
REALITY With wardrobes to rival any A-list celebrity, and more designer labels than hot dinners, the tots in this astonishing documentary are the most pampered in Britain.
Mikhail Youzhny - a man who has smashed more rackets than I've had hot dinners - is in action today and I can't imagine he will be too pleased if a plane distracts him on a crucial point.
Hot dinners and puddings were left for 15 minutes to go cold before staff found time to help.
The youngest of the Jackson family has said that her favourite memory with the 'Thriller' hitmaker is when the famous pair would hand out hot dinners to down-and-outs.
Serves full breakfast and lunch and hot dinners to go.
The talented duo have been partnered in the middle of the park more times than tubby Barnes has had hot dinners yet it's never been a success.
There are people who have more pet cats than they have hot dinners, probably because they never have time to make any hot dinners, so busy are they at feeding much-loved moggies.
WHEN I think of all the hot dinners I've had down the years - most of them had meat and potatoes.