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give hostage to fortune

To do or say something that could jeopardize future success or cause misfortune later on. With the economy at such a precarious level at the moment, the president made it clear that he would take no action that would give hostage to fortune.
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hostage to fortune

An act or situation that could create future problems. A company that publicly supports an unpopular political stance often creates a hostage to fortune.
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take hostage

1. To hold someone captive and threaten violence to them in order to prevent another party (e.g. the police) from using force or in order to create leverage so that another party will agree to meet some demand. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "hostage." The bank robber took several people hostage in order to negotiate a means of escape with the police. The criminals have taken hostage the daughter of a prominent businesswoman.
2. To assume constraining, limiting control over something in order create leverage to achieve something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "hostage." The political party has taken the funding bill hostage so it can push through its controversial agenda. It just feels like the company is taking our job security hostage to make us work unreasonable hours.
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take hostages

To hold people captive and threaten violence to them in order to prevent another party (e.g. the police) from using force or in order to create leverage so that another party will agree to meet some demand. Police are not sure yet whether the criminals have taken any hostages. We might get a year or two in prison for robbing the joint, but they're going to throw us away for a long time if we start taking hostages.
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hold someone hostage

to keep someone as a hostage. The terrorists planned to hold everyone hostage in the airplane. My neighbor was held hostage in his own home by a robber.
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take someone hostage

to kidnap or seize someone to be a hostage. The terrorists planned to take the ambassador hostage. The entire family was taken hostage by the robber.
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a hostage to fortune

mainly BRITISH
If someone or something is a hostage to fortune, they have created a situation where bad things may happen to them in the future. Charles had already made himself a hostage to fortune by declaring that 30 was a suitable age to settle down. The proposals were regarded by some as a dangerous hostage to fortune. Note: You can also say that someone gives a hostage to fortune or creates a hostage to fortune if they do something that may cause trouble in the future. Despite persistent questioning, he gave no hostages to fortune in the form of a timetable. Note: Other verbs may be used instead of give or create. By opting for the best, the council recognises that it may have handed a hostage to fortune. Many departments may find it difficult to achieve the new standards that have been set for them. Note: This expression comes from an essay by Francis Bacon, `Of Marriage and Single Life' (1625): `He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune.'
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a hostage to fortune

an act, commitment, or remark which is regarded as unwise because it invites trouble or could prove difficult to live up to.
The original hostages to fortune were a man's family, the allusion being to Francis Bacon's essay on marriage ( 1625 ): ‘He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune’.
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a ˌhostage to ˈfortune

an action which may cause you great trouble in the future: Are you really sure you want to know who your real mother is? It may be taking a hostage to fortune, you know.
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