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reckon without (one's) host

To plan without taking into account all the necessary or important factors or people. It was originally used to describe one who did not consult one's host, such as an innkeeper, when calculating one's lodging expenses. A: "You made plans for Mother's Day without even asking your mom what she wants to do?" B: "I know, I really reckoned without my host on that one."
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a (whole) host of (something)

A very large number or collection of people or things. We had a whole host of problems on opening night, but I think most of the issues have been resolved. While the film has been receiving positive reviews from critics, there's a host of fans who are upset with the way it turned out.
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demanded the host, after a few minutes of useless investigation.
A ray of light all at once broke upon the mind of the host as he was giving himself to the devil upon finding nothing.
He then drew two crowns majestically from his purse and gave them to the host, who accompanied him, cap in hand, to the gate, and remounted his yellow horse, which bore him without any further accident to the gate of St.
13) proposed a conceptual model that assumed a target host species was exposed to a pathogen endemic in a second host species (or species complex).
We develop our framework from a simple 2-host 1-pathogen model and establish thresholds for pathogen and host persistence based on the between- and within-species net transmission rates.
Because the host issues requests for virtualized storage directly to the destination device, the I/O performance is free of additional latency or bandwidth bottlenecks.
The metadata which was formerly managed at the host by the host agent is loaded into flash memory at the intelligent port, obviating the need for host-based software.
Individuals of species other than the maintenance host may also become infected; they are usually dead-end hosts because of low transmission ratios, which are caused by factors such as the failure to induce biting behavior, inefficient salivary shedding, and absence of other hosts with which to interact.
In this article, the definitions of local population and metapopulation may apply to either the host or the virus.
Such a system includes all the component host populations, including that of any intermediate host or vector, in the context of any environmental component, and any quantitative requisite such as critical community size, which is required to maintain the agent indefinitely.
Vertebrate hosts that form an essential part of the system are reservoir hosts, though whether a whale or a fish is the reservoir host of Anisakis species can be a matter of debate.
A/E pathogens typically reside on a pedestal on the surface of the host epithelial cell and ultimately cause severe disruption of the microvilli brush border (Figure lA).