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hospital pass

1. In sports, especially rugby, a pass to a teammate who will be heavily tackled as a result. Their scrum half took a devastating blow after that hospital pass from his flanker.
2. A task, project, or case (as in law) that will result in or bring a great amount of criticism upon the person to whom it is assigned. No one likes having to take a case defending the murderer of a child, but every person is entitled to legal representation. I suppose I'll just have to accept that this will be a hospital pass for me.
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in hospital

Receiving medical or surgical treatment, care, or attention at a hospital. Primarily heard in UK. My grandmother is in hospital again for hip surgery. I heard you were in hospital last week! Are you all right?
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in the hospital

Receiving medical or surgical treatment, care, or attention at a hospital. My grandmother is in the hospital again for hip surgery. I heard you were in the hospital last week! Are you all right?
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rush someone to the hospital

to take someone to the hospital very quickly. They had to rush her to the hospital because she had stopped breathing. We rushed Uncle Harry to the hospital after he complained of chest pains.
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References in classic literature ?
Porkiss so far forgot himself as to insinuate that the presence of the officers could do no earthly good, and that the best thing would be to send the entire Regiment into hospital and "let the doctors look after them.
who learned from the regimental chaplain that Bobby was considerably more in request in the hospital tents than the Reverend John Emery.
Mortimer withdrew from the service of the hospital in order to start a practice for himself.
The inhabitants are totally ruined, the hospitals overflow with sick, and famine is everywhere.
Bulstrode answered; "I mean, by confiding to you the superintendence of my new hospital, should a maturer knowledge favor that issue, for I am determined that so great an object shall not be shackled by our two physicians.
From the hospital still proceeded the moaning of the sick.
Let each one of you who is prosperous take into his house some thief and treat him as his brother, some unfortunate and treat her as his sister, and San Francisco will need no police force and no magistrates; the prisons will be turned into hospitals, and the criminal will disappear with his crime.
After performing the operation he kept her for some days under his own care, and then transferred her to the nearest hospital--the hospital at Mannheim.
The same day he was discharged from the hospital as perfectly cured; but the Shoes meanwhile remained behind.
And true it is that he did many of these things; but had he done nothing more I should have left him to have recorded his own merit on some fair freestone over the door of that hospital.
If you would care to look at the hospital, and are not tired, indeed, it's not far.
As I never offered to go to the hospital with her, she thinks that I have no heart.
Worn with pain, and weak from the prolonged hardships which I had undergone, I was removed, with a great train of wounded sufferers, to the base hospital at Peshawar.
We drove a long way through the streets, until we came to one of the large hospitals.
He is inspector of hospitals at the front, or something of the sort.
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