hose down

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hose someone or something down

to wash something down with water from a hose. Hose her down to cool her off and maybe she will do the same for you. Please hose down the driveway. Hose it down.
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hose someone down

Sl. to kill someone. (Underworld. From the image of spraying someone with bullets.) Mr. Big told Sam to hose Wilbur down. The thugs tried to hose down the witness.
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If you're hiking or hiking in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest or California's Klamath National Forest during the rainy season, you'll need to hose down those muddy boots and tires as you move from site to site-you may even have to avoid some trails completely.
So is the damage fire fighters unintentionally do in attempting to save property, as when they hose down buildings adjacent to burning structures.
The fireman, aged 32, was about to hose down the small blaze when the drum exploded, showering him in burning liquid.
Insteads of spraying water out of the top of the auger, they send a hose down to just 18 inches or so above the ground and trickle the water out there," says Keppy, whose nonprofit group promotes agricultural technologies to farmers.
You just twist a handle to rotate the business end and you can hose down just about anything.
The BBA226 stainless steel bench scale is designed for applications in industrial environments with light hose down requirements.
He told the fact-finding commission that he was not pressed to hose down BBs assassination place, and that although it may have been the wrong decision, no one had directed him to do so.
But then he got jumpy and on Tuesday had to have a secret meeting with his own party to hose down all his right-wing MPs who got wound up by this "apology".
I SUGGEST that the police should now be given the power to call out the Fire Brigade to hose down the idiots who persist in causing trouble.
Rodriguez feels that ICE should buy the Pacuare Protected Zone immediately, or the proposed dam will face serious siltation problems as the watershed is destroyed and Costa Rica's seasonal rains hose down bare hillsides.