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a horseback opinion

An opinion that is not well thought out (with the implication that one has not even taken the time to get off one's horse to give the issue more careful consideration). Now that I've learned more about the cheating scandal and had time to think about it all, I wish I could take back my initial horseback opinions.
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not know if (one) is afoot or on horseback

To be so totally and utterly confused as to be unaware of one's actions. I've had such a long day that I don't know if I'm afoot or on horseback—I think I need to lie down! I finally got Billy a math tutor because his test grades clearly showed that he didn't know if he was afoot or on horseback in that class.
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on horseback

on the back of a horse. Anne rode on horseback across the field. Because they loved horses, the couple decided to marry on horseback.
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Set a beggar on horseback, and he'll ride to the devil.

Prov. If a poor person becomes wealthy, he or she will quickly become corrupt. Jill: Since Phil inherited all that money, all he does is go to parties and take drugs. Jane: Yep. Set a beggar on horseback, and he'll ride to the devil.
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References in classic literature ?
Human beings on horseback are so far centaurs that liberties taken with their horses are almost as personal as liberties taken with themselves.
She did at last extort from her father an acknowledgment that the horses were engaged; Jane was therefore obliged to go on horseback, and her mother attended her to the door with many cheerful prognostics of a bad day.
The men on horseback at once rushed at the two youths, leaving the three others to complete the plunder of the dead or wounded travelers; for on approaching nearer, instead of one extended figure, the young men discovered two.
His little mare was fast bringing him up with a man on horseback, who trotted through the gate a few rods in advance of him, nodded to the toll-gatherer, and kept on towards the village.
Never did beggar on horseback display more headlong horsemanship.
That is the cause of this embarrassment; that is the cause of this hesitation; that is the cause of this order -- `Monsieur the lieutenant of my musketeers, be on horseback to-morrow at four o'clock in the morning.
The Indian who had galloped off on horseback had gone to give notice of the approach of the party, so that they might now look out for some fierce scenes with those piratical savages, of whom they had received so many formidable accounts.
He directed his course, therefore, towards the trenches, followed by his escort, all on horseback.
Dolokhov- now an officer- wounded in the arm, and on foot, with the regimental commander on horseback and some ten men of his company, represented all that was left of that whole regiment.
There was nothing highfalutin about her company manners--it was by this homely phrase that he differentiated this Dede on horseback from the Dede with the office manners whom he had always known.
It is because Socialism is inevitable; because the present rotten and irrational system cannot endure; because the day is past for your man on horseback.
On his way he met a man on horseback who begged the hare of him, under the pretense of purchasing it.
Gruber, of Norton, and a Maysville attorney named Hyatt met on horseback in front of the Harding place.
At daybreak he set out for home on horseback, as was the custom of doctors of the time and region.
I soaked in the cool air, rode horseback, and did my thousand words a day save when the fever shock came in the morning.