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president David King says there are two types of people who like Hophead Vodka, "the really quite serious craft mixologists like it because it's so unusual, and the craft-beer guys like it.
Anchor Hophead Hop Vodka Anchor Distilling San Francisco, CA
A really nice beer for your average hophead," said Robert Lachman.
s most recent project is Hophead Vodka, a spirit distilled entirely from two types of dried hops from the Yakima Valley.
added, "maybe not as bright, but, hell, I'm a hophead, and this beer gives me what I want, 101 IBUs.
Whether you're a seasoned hophead or new to the scene, BrewBox is a simple, fun way to get a curated selection of amazing beers each month.
One of our panelists, a noted hophead, was rendered almost speechless.
8% India pale ale, brewed as soon as fresh hops are available, is eagerly anticipated by festive hopheads every November.
We look forward to bringing more of their innovative brews to hopheads in the area.
ACE EDGE by Buxton Brewery (Derbyshire) One for the hopheads.
Located some 20 miles from the bustle of the Las Vegas strip, Tenaya Creek Brewery is light on tourists and long on serious hopheads.
Our panel, heavily populated with hopheads as it is, thoroughly enjoyed Stochasticity.
WHO IT'S FOR Enophiles and hopheads who travel together.
We think America's hopheads will enjoy giving the glass a try.
A perfect day out for tickers, hopheads and curious cats, it will be fascinating to see the breweries' different takes on the challenge - and whether tastes have changed and drinkers take it in their stride.