It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive

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It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

Prov. You should enjoy the process of doing something, rather than anticipate the result of doing it. Bill: I can't wait till I get my high school diploma. Fred: You should concentrate on enjoying high school instead. It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.
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My reports from Everton are that they'll send a strong side, hopefully with a few household names.
I did a lot of positional work, opening my shoulders up, just little bits really and hopefully they will all come together and I can show what I can do.
He can set up goals as well and hopefully he can get some confidence and get us the goals as well as Luke.
Hopefully I can get the same points as here and then that's hopefully a qualifying place for the World Championships in the bag really.
He added: "I enjoyed the three years I had at Everton but I feel this is a big opportunity for me to come and hopefully establish myself with a good Premier League club over the next few years.
Ronit Harel-Ben-Ze'ev, an Senior Vice President of the TASE, said: "We are delighted to have Sapiens listed for trading on the TASE and are gratified that Israeli investors will benefit from reduced taxation while hopefully stimulating increased trading volume in Sapiens's stock.
If we can win a couple of games, then hopefully that will be good enough to keep us up.
United have four with the Under-21s this week and hopefully in the future someone like Johnny Russell will come through to be a full international.
So it is just a question of getting some food down me now and hopefully improving and getting stronger day by day.
Having Roman back makes me work harder so hopefully with having him here I can push on and try to develop my game.
And when asked if his hot streak will be kept up at Craven Cottage, Milner told the Chronicle: "I don't know, hopefully against Fulham.
They probably just want to go home and we're looking forward to making the playoffs and hopefully doing well.
Hopefully we will not still be counting in 98 days' time.
Hopefully for us tourism will be considered as important and equally important as forestry.
Me Time Day' is an initiative to raise national awareness of this issue and one that will hopefully encourage women to take time out -- be it a minute, an hour or the whole day -- to restore their sense of well-being," said Martin von Ruden, executive vice president and general manager, WE.