hope springs eternal

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Hope springs eternal (in the human breast).

Prov. People will continue to hope even though they have evidence that things cannot possibly turn out the way they want. (From Alexander Pope's poem, "Essay on Man." Sometimes used to remark that you believe someone's situation is hopeless, as in the first example.) Jill: The boss may have turned me down the first twelve times I asked for a raise, but this time I really think she'll give it to me. Jane: Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Alan: You're not still trying to teach the dog to shake hands! Jane: Hope springs eternal.
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hope springs eternal

People will keep on hoping, no matter what the odds. For example, I keep buying lottery tickets-hope springs eternal. This expression was coined by Alexander Pope ( An Essay on Man, 1732) and quickly became proverbial.
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hope springs eternal

it is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism.
This is a shortened version of Alexander Pope's line in An Essay on Man ( 1733 ): ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
1992 Angela Lambert A Rather English Marriage Hope springs eternal—she smiled wryly—even in Tunbridge Wells .
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ˌhope springs eˈternal

(saying) human beings never stop hoping: She’s sure that he’ll come back to her one day. I’m not so sure, but hope springs eternal.This comes from An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope: ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
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AFTER shivering through Easter, hope springs eternal that the sun will shine on the annual Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Flower Show in Cardiff.
The note read: "In Jerusalem, hope springs eternal.
Hope springs eternal if you support a lower league football team.
JANUARY was a good month for Exning trainer Julia Feilden, with four winners from her team of about 25, and hope springs eternal that Baggsy will be adding to her tally in due course when the Statue Of Liberty filly ventures onto the racecourse.
Hope springs eternal in the breast, and I keep hoping for the best;
Maybe the present elected members may have better ideas, hope springs eternal.
HOPE springs eternal that things will return To the days of full glory we long for and yearn.
But as the piano player on the Titanic said, hope springs eternal.
Hope springs eternal as far as cricket punters are concerned and we already have a five-figure liability on England.
Former Hope Springs Eternal singer BILL ANGUS kicked off proceedings at last Saturday's Knights affair with a rare solo outing.
Of course the poor owner always says that "this is the day" Supaslocoach will win as hope springs eternal even as his bank balance gurgles down the plughole.
By midweek hope springs eternal and you're looking forward to the next match.
Hope springs eternal - and after YMCA's stunning victory at York, top official Martin Hunt can see some light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.
Hope springs eternal and it's possible to find hope in small things.