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I also knew that Hope Against Hope was more than a love story that spans the period between that first arrest and Osip's death, in 1938, most likely in a transit camp on the way to the penal colony at Kolyma.
ONE of the persistent questions that recurs for readers of Hope Against Hope is how Osip Mandelstam came to be a Christian and what sort of one he was.
ROBERTO Martinez admits history and emotions may weigh heavily against his Wigan side as they hope against hope to avoid the traditional annual stuffing at Old Trafford today.
Executives at the magazine persuaded a work experience student and his friends to form the spoof indie band, Hope Against Hope, to test the power of internet music sites.
It'll be tough, but we hope against hope and you never know.
Worse, with his debt almost paid off, Bernie has let Shelly know that he plans to limp out of town in a week with the hope against hope of actually starting a life.
We hope against hope but something tells me that when all's done, the people's share offer will provide rich pickings for the middle classes.
You hope against hope you will be able to secure the finance.
That is why she is loved and why we hope against hope that this is not her final fight God bless you, Mo
We can only hope against hope that they will turn up safe.