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not care two hoots about someone or something

 and not give two hoots about someone or something
; not give a hang about someone or something; not give a hoot
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not give a hoot

also not give two hoots
to not care about something at all I don't give a hoot about her opinion of my housekeeping.
See also: give, hoot, not

not care/give a hoot

  (informal) also not care/give two hoots (informal)
if you do not give a hoot about something or someone, you do not care about them at all (often + about ) I don't give a hoot about keeping the house tidy. (often + question word) They don't care two hoots who wins as long as it's a good game.
See also: care, hoot
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Figure 2 shows spectrograms of typical hoots in the Ryukyu Scops Owl.
Minority syllable types (MSTs) were hoots that were difficult to classify in relation to BST (Fig.
A series of playback experiments were conducted to monitor the reaction of owls to broadcast hoots.
Several hoots were altered in pitch so that they mimicked the calls of males with a range of body weights.
The great horned owl had the largest increase in population between 1995 and 1997 The scientists heard 92 more hoots in 1997 compared with 1995.
The lowest number of owl hoots was heard in 2005 Since the total is lowest in the most recent year the owl populations must be declining
Thieves stole Hoots sometime during last Thursday evening.
TNS' complete suite of VoIP solutions includes 'Hybrid' circuits for TDM-to-Voice, Voice-to-Voice customer architectures as well as 'Forked' (Multipoint) ARD and Hoot services.
Anyone wishing to support the Two Hoots Appeal should write to 11 Abbey Road,Llandudno,Ll30 2EE.
Two Hoots Barn is priced around pounds 350,000, has two acres, a mature tree boundary and views over open countryside plus converted family accommodation of four reception rooms, five bedrooms and two bathrooms.
A global hoot and holler network has been an immediate benefit of the technology partnership.
From phone cases to posters, mugs to magnets and figurines to stationery, The Big Hoot store has all the souvenirs you need to remember this fantastic public art exhibition.
Wild in Art director Charlie Langhorne says: "We are delighted that Cadbury World has taken The Big Hoot under its wing in such an exciting way.
8220;In fact, the total water reclamation expected from the cisterns and the Hoot system alone, will amount to more than 100,000 gallons of reused water per year,,and this will provide the property owner with a drought-tolerant landscape.