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(not) care a hoot

To be concerned about someone or something. Typically used in the negative to convey the opposite. I don't care a hoot about making money, I just want to do something with my life that makes life better for others. I haven't cared a hoot for the show ever since they killed off my favorite character. Do whatever you want, I don't care a hoot.
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hoot and holler

to shout in disapproval; to call and shout one's displeasure. After the umpire rendered his decision, the spectators hooted and hollered their thoughts on the matter. It's hard to play a good game of basketball when the fans are hooting and hollering at everything you do.
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hoot someone off the stage

[for an audience] to boo and hiss until a performer leaves the stage. The rude audience hooted Carl off the stage. Carl was hooted off the stage.
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howl at someone or something

1. Lit. [for a canine] to bay at someone or something. The dog howls at me when I play the trumpet. The wolves howled at the moon and created a terrible uproar.
2. and hoot at someone or something Fig. to yell out at someone or something. The audience howled at the actors and upset them greatly. We hooted at the singer until he stopped.
3. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. Everyone just howled at Tom's joke. I howled at the story Alice told.
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howl someone down

 and hoot someone down
Fig. to yell at or boo someone's performance; to force someone to stop talking by yelling or booing. The audience howled the inept magician down. They howled down the musician.
See also: down, howl

not give a damn (about somebody/something)

(slang) also not give a tinker's damn (about somebody/something)
to not be interested in someone or something not give a shit (about somebody/something) The beginning was so boring, I really didn't give a damn what happened in the rest of the movie. We didn't give a tinker's damn about justice.
Usage notes: although always suggesting a negative meaning, sometimes used without not: Who really gives a damn about the details?
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not give a hoot

also not give two hoots
to not care about something at all I don't give a hoot about her opinion of my housekeeping.
See also: give, hoot, not

not care/give a hoot

  (informal) also not care/give two hoots (informal)
if you do not give a hoot about something or someone, you do not care about them at all (often + about ) I don't give a hoot about keeping the house tidy. (often + question word) They don't care two hoots who wins as long as it's a good game.
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not give a damn

Also, not give a fig or hang or hoot or rap or shit . Not care about, be indifferent to, as in I don't give a damn about him, or She doesn't give a fig if he comes or not. The nouns in all these terms signify something totally worthless. Although probably in oral use for much longer, damn is first recorded in this negative form in the late 1700s and the worthless item it is used to denigrate is a curse. Fig has denoted something small and worthless since about 1400, and hang since the mid-1800s; hoot has been used for the smallest particle since the later 1800s; rap, also for the smallest particle, since the first half of the 1800s, and shit, for excrement, since about 1920. All but the first of these terms are colloquial and the last (using shit) is vulgar.
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don’t give a hoot

tv. don’t care at all. (Folksy.) She doesn’t give a hoot if you go into town without her.
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1. in. to laugh loudly. The audience screamed and hooted with their appreciation.
2. n. a joke; something laughable. The whole business was a terrific hoot.
3. in. to boo at someone’s performance. The audience hooted until the performer fled the stage in disgrace.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Jed got himself good and hooted.
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