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be put through the hoop

To be subjected to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to undergo an unpleasant experience. Between my mother's bout with cancer, Jenny losing her job, and the bank threatening to foreclose on the house, our family has really been put through the hoop this year. Jake wasn't a great fit for the military, and he was constantly being put through the hoop for disobedience.
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put (someone) through the hoop

To subject someone to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force someone to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the hoop this year. I don't think Jake is a great fit for the military. His superiors are constantly putting him through the hoop for his disobedience.
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jump through a hoop

 and jump through hoops
Fig. to do everything possible to obey or please someone; to bend over backwards (to do something). (Trained circus animals jump through hoops.) She expects us to jump through hoops for her. What do you want me to dojump through a hoop?
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two (w)hoops and a holler

Rur. a short distance. Lexington? That's just two whoops and a holler from here. We're just two hoops and a holler from the downtown.
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jump through hoops

to do a lot of extra things so you can have or do something you want The company is jumping through hoops these days to try to please advertisers.
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shoot hoops

to play the game of basketball Sometimes we stopped off at the gym after school and shot some hoops.
Etymology: based on the basketball meaning of hoop (a high metal ring through which a ball is thrown to score points)
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go/jump through hoops

to do a lot of difficult things before you are allowed to have or do something you want They really make you jump through hoops before they allow you to adopt a baby.
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jump through hoops

Do just about anything to please someone. For example, The boss expects the entire staff to jump through hoops for him, or This violinist will jump through hoops for the conductor. This metaphoric expression alludes to trained circus animals jumping through hoops. [Early 1900s]
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n. the game of basketball. Welcome to another evening of college hoops, brought to you by the Nova Motor Company.
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jump through hoops

To make extraordinary efforts, especially in following a prescribed procedure.
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Admittedly, my experience with hoop house structures has a Southern flavor," Upson says.
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8226; 105 hoops were spun by Jin Linlin of China on October 28, 2007.
Junior intermediate: Irina Korsak (gold for hoop, bronze for ribbon and 4th overall).
I was going to the class every week, then I discovered that if you hoop every day for a short time you can really tone up your figure," explained Geraldine, from Armadale.
Offer the treat with the hoop raised an inch or two off the ground.
The hoop twirls around my waist and I feel the same eureka exhilaration I did when I first swung a spanking new red hoop in my parents' garden as a child of the 70s.
Within three months they were doing tricks together, using multiple hoops - and had lost six stone each.
I had never been able to hula hoop before but within three days I had learnt the basics, within six months I had bought my first standard hoop, and I've been obsessed ever since.
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