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around Robin Hood's barn

A long, indirect route. A: "What took you guys so long to get here?" B: "Well, rather than just going through town, our esteemed driver took us all around Robin Hood's barn instead!
See also: around, barn, robin

all around Robin Hood's barn

going somewhere by an indirect route; going way out of the way [to get somewhere]; by a long and circuitous route. We had to go all around Robin Hood's barn to get to the little town.
See also: all, around, barn, robin

look under the hood

to examine the engine of a car; to check the oil, water, and other such routine items associated with the engine of a car. I finished putting gas in. I need to look under the hood. Do you want me to look under the hood, sir?
See also: hood, look


1. n. a hoodlum. A couple of hoods hassled us on the street.
2. n. the neighborhood; the ghetto; any neighborhood. Back in the hood, Bob’s considered an important guy.

hood rat

n. someone who hangs around the [black] neighborhood. Sam’s just a wimpy hood rat. He never sees any action.
See also: hood, rat
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25 and he underlined his expertise in this area when striking twice on the same card with hooded runners in Group races at Glorious Goodwood last week - Noble Mission (Gordon Stakes) and Chachamaidee (Lennox Stakes).
William Haggas sent out his first hooded runner in 2011, while Sir Michael Stoute passed that landmark earlier this season.
At the moment, about one in every 100 Flat runners in Britain is wearing a hood, but as more trainers experiment with this headgear and hood numbers rise they will be used less selectively and this will dilute the strike-rate of hooded runners.
If hood usage does keep growing we will need to come up with more inventive ways of profiting from hooded participants.
Throughout its range, the hooded pitohui, Pitohui dichrous, flashes a brickred back and breast contrasting with a dark head.
The peninsula where dohertyi lives is frequented by hooded pitohuis, which it resembles.
Baby-blue zip-up hooded top, pounds 22, Etam: 0171 636 5747.
Fleece hooded dress, pounds 30, Marks & Spencer: 0171 935 4422.
Knitted zip-up hooded tops in pink and lilac, pounds 35 each, Freemans catalogue: 0800 900 200.