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honk at someone or something

to sound a horn at someone or something. Is someone honking at me? The motorists honked at the sheep that were clogging the roadway.
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1. n. a drinking spree; a toot. Jed’s last honk lasted nearly a week.
2. n. a white male; a honky. (Black. Not necessarily derogatory.) There are mainly honks where I work.
3. in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) I can hear someone in the john honking like mad.
4. tv. to vomit something. He honked up his whole pizza.


and honkers
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Willy was too honked to stand up. Man, is he honkers!
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mod. huge. She showed up with this great, honking jock who keep eating with his hands!
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Which honks almost immediately afterwards and ranks as second bird.
In Boston and New York, people will honk at you before the light turns green,'' said Robert A.
I look around and watch motorists with their heads down as if they were sleeping, when somebody behind honks as if to tell me to move out of the way fast.
As soon as I hear the honk behind me, I invariably step on the gas angrily.
One person honks and then another person and before you know it everyone is honking
Although police had handed out fines worth 100 rupees to 1,400 drivers for unnecessary honking by yesterday afternoon, driving through this island metropolis still meant getting an earful of blares, toots, and honks.
The members of Canyon High School's Cancer Club held picket signs and drew supportive honks from passing motorists as they joined American Cancer Society volunteers to rally support for Proposition 86.