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honk at someone or something

to sound a horn at someone or something. Is someone honking at me? The motorists honked at the sheep that were clogging the roadway.
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1. n. a drinking spree; a toot. Jed’s last honk lasted nearly a week.
2. n. a white male; a honky. (Black. Not necessarily derogatory.) There are mainly honks where I work.
3. in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) I can hear someone in the john honking like mad.
4. tv. to vomit something. He honked up his whole pizza.


and honkers
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Willy was too honked to stand up. Man, is he honkers!
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mod. huge. She showed up with this great, honking jock who keep eating with his hands!
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We're thrilled that USAA, a major innovator in leveraging technology to enhance customer service, is committed to using Honk's tools to integrate social media into its Car Buying Service," said Tom Taira, CEO of Honk.
The courtesy honk button is a polite reminder to drivers, to be used in situations such as telling another driver to go when the light is green.
Mr Honk And His Sad Trombone takes to the stage on November 19.
Although police had handed out fines worth 100 rupees to 1,400 drivers for unnecessary honking by yesterday afternoon, driving through this island metropolis still meant getting an earful of blares, toots, and honks.
The cast have been busy rehearsing and fundraising since last October for their presentation of Honk.
So, for example, in the August issue of Honk we find news of Greg Haver, producer of Manics and Catatonia records, securing a top-notch management deal.
While there are dozens of great websites for editorial and pricing information, none are designed to help guide you to a well-informed decision," explains Tom Taira, CEO and co-founder Honk.
Alan Georges said that a honk could make the difference in a potential accident.
The problem is that people today are so lazy and impatient that they can't leave their cars or they want to get their things fast - for that they honk several times.
As soon as I hear the honk behind me, I invariably step on the gas angrily.
Mr Honk and his Sad Trombone - Saturday, November 19 Mr Honk plays in the local brass band.
A French goose, dubbed Honk Williams, upstaged the cast of a musical when he launched into his own performance at Harvey's Point Hotel on the shore of Lough Eske near Donegal town.
The junior section of Bridgend Youth Theatre has delighted audiences with their version of Honk, the musical of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale.
As millions of parents get ready to load up the family vehicle and head out for summer vacation, Honk has released results from a study on minivans and minivan owners.
A few metres into Ajman and all around us were cars, painted most extravagantly in the national colours and honking in unison; honk, honk-honk, honk, as if sending a Morse code.