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After Karen became estranged from Rochdale MP Simon she was exposed by the Sunday Mirror for plotting to set him up in a honey trap with a lap dancer.
She later denied a claim that she plotted to set him up in a honey trap with a lap dancer.
Ayoung woman wept as she was found guilty of setting a honey trap for a professional gambler who was kicked to death for the sake of his winnings.
A PROFESSIONAL poker player was kicked to death after being lured into a honey trap by a woman, a court heard.
insanus (Buckley) ** arboretum pitfall trap Linepithema dispertitum (Forel) ** greenhouse honey trap Tapinomini Emery Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricius) * ornamental honey trap Ecitoninae Forel Ecitonini Forel Labidus coecus (Latreille) ** arboretum pitfall trap Ectatomminae Emery Ectatommini Emery Gnamptogenys strigata (Norton) greenhouse pitfall trap Formicinae Latreille Camponotini Forel Camponotus atriceps (Smith) ** ornamental honey trap Plagiolepidini Forel Brachymyrmex aff.
The fact that she used to work for a bank involved in money-laundering makes him dig deeper, and when police colleagues try to talk Mark into going undercover so he can expose her dodgy dealings, he considers setting up a honey trap to catch her.
And surely the intent is to stop football club employees gambling on football - not to use the occasional acca as some kind of honey trap to snare the careless few.
It's a honey trap at the Yemeni pavilion at Global Village which also abounds in spices, dried fruits and nuts.
The defendant was arrested after being lured into a honey trap by the same woman he was stalking last June.
htm) in a honey trap set by 18-year-old nursing student Zhao Hongxia.
Available in four 'flavours' - Lip Service, Honey Trap, None of my Beeswax and Whipstick - the balms costs PS5.
Jumbo honey trap Wildlife workers in Nepal have turned to desperate measures to try to catch a killer elephant.
It tells the true story of Shakilus Townsend, a 16-year-old lad who was led to his death by 15-year-old Samantha, who he thought was his girlfriend, in a murder which became known as the honey trap killing.
Tonight Alfie tries to prove to Ian that Mandy is just a golddigger, and sets himself up as a honey trap.
75; Honey Trap vanilla and white chocolate lip balm, pounds 4.