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in all honesty

In one's sincere opinion; without any disingenuousness. In all honesty, I think this project plan is severely flawed.
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honesty is the best policy

Telling the truth is always the best course of action, even when being dishonest would be easier or more useful. I think you should just explain what happened, rather than trying to cover your tracks. Honesty is the best policy, after all. Secrets like that will always find their way to the surface, so honesty is definitely the best policy.
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be (something) itself

To be the embodiment of a particular trait (stated between "be" and "itself"). My mom is just kindness itself—she's always willing to help anyone in need.
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Honesty is the best policy.

Prov. You should always tell the truth, even when it seems as if it would be useful to tell a lie. Jill: I borrowed Jane's white blouse without asking her, and then I spilled tomato sauce on it. Should I tell her what happened, or should I just put the blouse back in her closet and hope she won't notice? Jane: Honesty is the best policy.
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in all ˈhonesty

speaking honestly: I can’t in all honesty say that I’ve had much experience of this kind of work, but I’m willing to try it.
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be ˌpatience, ˌhonesty, simˌplicity, etc. itˈself

be an example of complete patience, etc: The manager of the hotel was courtesy itself.Programming the video is simplicity itself.
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Let us briefly examine pedagogic honesty in three venues in which
4-11 poll rated six professions as "high" or "very high" for honesty and ethical standards.
Admittedly, scrupulous honesty has not always made me popular, and it definitely has not made me rich.
The indifference from the schools to such a golden opportunity to inculcate honesty among the students make one feel, "who cares for honesty?
Honesty is about ensuring that things are as they seem and that actions match promises.
Therefore, he stressed that the values of honesty and integrity must be imbued from an early age in families and schools.
Honesty is the third storybook in their series, and is written in both English and Arabic so as to ensure that these books are accessible to all readers.
A spokesman said: "Following increasing concerns about the potential misuse of these facilities by a small minority, we have temporarily removed honesty boxes from a small number of locations.
Prosecutor Anwen Evans said: "Mr Button left an honesty box in the fridge so people could pay for his produce.
ISLAMABAD -- Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has given prize to a federal police official on showing honesty, after assuming the charge of ministry.
THE HOUSE of Representatives apparently believes that young Filipino students need constant reminding that honesty is the best policy.
The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty comes from a social scientist and author who has been musing about the human capacity for honesty and dishonesty for years.
This TVC emphasizes the contribution of mothers to nation building by inculcating honesty and decency in their children every day.
New Delhi, Apr 28 ( ANI ): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday termed veteran social activist Anna Hazare's remark that voters were not informed enough and could be influenced by money and alcohol to be his personal opinion, and emphasized that it believes people of the country vote with full honesty and integrity.
Summary: Honesty is in such a short supply these days that a quest is now being made at the national level to explore its new deposits like natural gas, Mr Right told me spreading a newspaper on the table.