honest to goodness

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honest to goodness

1. expression Honestly; truly; genuinely. Used to emphasize the veracity of one's statement. "Goodness" here is a substitution of the word "God," so as to avoid potential blasphemy. I swear it wasn't me who broke the lamp, honest to goodness! Honest to goodness, how are we supposed to finish this project on time with half of our staff laid off?
2. adjective Genuine; actual. In this uage, the phrase is hyphenated. It was a real, honest-to-goodness treasure map. I couldn't believe me eyes.
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Honest to goodness.

 and Honest to God.; Honest to Pete.
I speak the truth. (Some people may object to the use of God in this phrase.) Did he really say that? Honest to goodness? Honest to Pete, I've been to the South Pole.
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honest to ˈGod/ˈgoodness

used for emphasizing the truth of what you are saying: I didn’t tell anybody — honest to God! ▶ ˌhonest-to-ˈgoodness adj. (approving) simple and good: This book is an honest-to-goodness attempt to describe life as a political leader.
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According to our ACF Poll of What Australian's Really, Honest-To-Goodness Care About, it is time we do something about this, for good.
From beginning to espresso end this was a remarkable meal that satisfied my appetite for honest-to-goodness food with just the right amount of presentation in very comfortable surroundings.
After being assaulted by the liberal media on all fronts with misleading and what-ever-sells headlines, it's a wonderful surprise to open and read an honest-to-goodness magazine.
There was a down-to-earth honest-to-goodness about Monica that commended her to all who knew her.
Sam is told he's in the year 1973, and concludes he is one of three things: an honest-to-goodness time traveler, in a coma and dreaming, or outright bonkers -- none a good option with a murder to prevent in 2006.
The Honest-to-Goodness Story of Raggedy Andy is a picturebook based on the true story of Johnny Gruelle, creator of the famous Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls.
Built specifically for the high-adrenaline sport of downhill (DH to those in the know), mountain bike racing, in which riders hurtle down snowless black diamond-level ski slopes at ridiculous speeds, the bike features an honest-to-goodness transmission in place of the usual gears and derailleur setup.
CEO types like the multiday trips because they can get an honest-to-goodness break from their daily lives," says Ashley Korenblat Sevenoff, owner of Western Spirit.
How about some honest-to-goodness fretting over the future?
Beecroft then reprised the standing-in-formation routine with honest-to-goodness US Navy SEALS.
What Piglet's Big Movie may lack in eye candy, the film more than makes up in honest-to-goodness emotion, filtered through the adventures of AA Milne's colourful characters.
Between times, this sad non -achiever chooses to have dip at Blaenau Ffestiniog, suggesting it as the perfect venue for a TV survival show, Blaenau may not be the sexiest or trendiest place on earth but it's an honest-to-goodness community inhabited by decent,honest people.
This severely limits their ability to write-off overhead expenditures unless they can prove they are, indeed, honest-to-goodness producers.
WHEN was the last time you went to the NEC and saw an honest-to-goodness rock band with no frills, no gimmicks and no pretension?