honest to goodness

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honest to goodness

Honestly; truly; genuinely. An expression used to emphasize the veracity of one's statement, "goodness" here is a substitution of the word "God," so as to avoid potential blasphemy. I swear it wasn't me who broke the lamp, honest to goodness! Honest to goodness, how are we supposed to finish this project on time with half of our staff laid off?
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Honest to goodness.

 and Honest to God.; Honest to Pete.
I speak the truth. (Some people may object to the use of God in this phrase.) Did he really say that? Honest to goodness? Honest to Pete, I've been to the South Pole.
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honest to ˈGod/ˈgoodness

used for emphasizing the truth of what you are saying: I didn’t tell anybody — honest to God! ▶ ˌhonest-to-ˈgoodness adj. (approving) simple and good: This book is an honest-to-goodness attempt to describe life as a political leader.
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Honest to Goodness is the second major product launch for the company in a matter of months.
Honest to Goodness represents the positive choice for a healthy lifestyle as it provides light refreshment with no added sugar, alcohol, or artificial ingredients.
It is an honest to goodness, well made Rhone with lively acidity behind its smooth, fresh black currant fruit and a rounded spice and mocha finish.
The We Foster Pure Honest to Goodness campaign is a change from the infamous Foster Imposters(R), California's most recognizable advertising characters since the California Raisins(TM).
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It also forecast the 2000 bear market - the report released February 1, 2000 entitled: "It Looks Like An Honest to Goodness Bear Market.
Thousands of fans of honest to goodness, rockin' jazz fusion better get ready for an explosive earful now that The George Lesiw Band is exploding from its East Coast cocoon and hitting the national circuit.
The hotel is home to Henrietta's Table, featuring "fresh and honest to goodness home cooking," and Rialto, one of the best restaurants in America (Gourmet, Food & Wine, Esquire).