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as the' This is an honest to God attempt to see things as they really are.
They want the world to only believe their fabrications; which honest to God, makes my blood boil.
Honest to God, it was like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.
I, honest to God, think it would be interesting to be Paris Hilton or Cameron Diaz, just to see what it's like to be one of those hottie glamour women.
What Colt needs is a true life, honest to God capitalist at the helm instead of a retired Marine general with no apparent business sense.
I've started to get recognised wherever I go - on the streets, in Tesco, in the kebab shop, on the bus and even in family planning the other day - honest to god.
This country needs leadership that is honest to God, to the Constitution of the United States, to the laws of the land, and to the citizens whom they serve.
He rejects the thought that an honest to God shock has twice the value of the same treatment applied gently and predictably over several months.
I honest to God think they came to the wrong house.
I read Honest to God in a single sitting, which was easy to do with that thin book, and it was surprisingly easy to read, and I was suspicious of the book because I seemingly understood it; and my basic theory about theology was that if I understood it it wasn't very good, and that the more obscure it was, the better it was for me--sort of a Lutheran principle there, don't you think?
If I'd finished second with Starine and she [Banks Hill] had beat her, I would have been happy, honest to God.
From this moment we hear words and phrases of a new generation: Bonhoeffer's "religionless Christianity," Bultmann's call to demythologize the scriptures, Tillich's God as the "Ground of All Being," Robinson's Honest to God and a call for "worldly holiness," and even a Death of God theology.
Robinson's controversial 1963 book, Honest to God, that, among other things, "we should do well to give up using the word 'God' for a generation, so impregnated has it become with a way of thinking we may have to discard if the Gospel is to signify anything" (7, 8).
But who, honest to God, really believes that nothing is impossible?
The idea is, honest to God, to learn how to evolve proteins to do whatever you want," says biochemist Stuart A.