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the head honcho

slang The person in charge. That decision is above my pay grade. You'll have to ask the head honcho.
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(the) head ˈhoncho

(informal, especially American English) the person who is in charge; the boss: Claude is the studio’s head honcho, so talk to him if you have a problem.This phrase comes from the Japanese word hancho, meaning ‘group leader’.
See also: head, honcho


1. n. the head man; the boss. (Useable for either sex.) The marketing honcho couldn’t say when the product would be on the shelves.
2. tv. to manage or boss something. I’ll honcho it until Larry gets here.
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Hidden Honcho, an initiative run by Business in the Community, placed the managing director of PR and marketing firm Paver Smith, Dougal Paver, with Safe Productions.
Mr Paver's willingness to be involved in Hidden Honcho was a result of the assistance he received early in his own business career.
Honchos Rain appeared to have every chance when the beaten favourite last time but that defeat is best put down to experience and he looks good to convert a first bend lead into a winning one.
Honchos Storm, an unconsidered 16-1 shot, was the first cheered home by the local layers when thwarting a gamble on favourite Flashing Tone (6-4 from 2-1) in heat two.
Heat 2 1 Roman Road 2 Droopys Buster 3 Honchos Storm 4 Slaheny Mile (m) 5 Geronimos Caddy (w) 6 Westmead Nadia (w).
The odds-on favourite Honchos First appeared to launch a deliberate assault on the Linda Jones-trained Rhincrew Magic, which almost resulted in the latter being unceremoniously dumped into the racing paddock.
Honchos First subsequently ran on to snatch the third qualifying place in a photo-finish at the expense of Rhincrew Magic.
Do school board honchos think they deserve better working conditions than the schoolchildren they are supposed to serve?
As low as 8-1 with Chandler for the pounds 10,000 Category One event, Honchos First qualified for the semis when finishing third to Mineola Silver in the last of Friday's second round heats.