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Homeric nod

A continuity error in a work of fiction. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. Though the film is being heralded by many as the director's masterpiece, there is a Homeric nod towards the end that is undeniably jarring.
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even Homer (sometimes) nods

Even the best creators of fiction sometimes commit errors. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. The film is without a doubt the filmmaker's masterpiece, despite a minor plot hole in the third act; even Homer nods, after all.
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1. slang In baseball or softball, a home run (a hit that allows the batter to round all four bases and score a run, almost always because the ball was hit out of the ball park in fair territory). If he hits a homer, we'll win the game.
2. slang A sports fan who ardently (and often blindly or irrationally) supports the hometown team(s). Oh, that guy's a real homer—he'll tell you all the reasons why his team is going to make the playoffs, even though they're currently last in the standings.


1. n. a home run in baseball. Wilbur hit one homer after another.
2. tv. & in. to hit a home run. Wilbur homered another one and brought in two runs with him.
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HOMER Energy, of Boulder, Colorado, is the exclusive distributor and developer of the HOMER[R] software, the global standard for microgrid decision analysis and feasibility studies.
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Wolf's beefs: Too many gags at the expense of story, too much Homer (which goes hand-in-hand with the first complaint, because Homer is usually the source/butt of the show's slapstick).
In his small circle of friends, Homer was dubbed "the obtuse in his work to say one thing and mean another, as well as his often misunderstood attempts at humor, which, like his paintings, allowed multiple interpretations.
During production, Russell met with Sherwood two or three times a week to discuss how Homer might act in one situation or another.
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His power surge came after hitting just two homers in 359 at-bats in his previous two years.
HOMER Simpson is a great dad to his three children.
Guerrero eventually hit one, connecting in the eighth for his team-leading 29th homer of the season.
Young (8-4) settled down after the homer to Anderson and retired the final eight batters he faced, completing five innings to get the victory.
With the announced sellout crowd of 54,368 standing, clapping and rhythmically chanting his name, Choi took a curtain call after he became the 16th Dodger in history to homer at least three times in a game.