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Courses are run by home-brew expert John Winterburn through the Workers' Education Association.
Many successful brewers have come through the home-brew route ( brothers Garry and Matthew Fawson of Mordue in North Tyneside were encouraged by friends to take their skills ever further.
Carriere, the Valley Vintner & Brewer owner, says the home-brewing industry suffered a slump in the 1990s due to a glut of home-brew suppliers.
Their proposed approval process is an attempt to provide manufacturers with an opportunity to establish analytical validity of testing methods, which could allow them to provide specific home-brew recipes to laboratories.
We anticipate that the new Assays-by-Design service will save customers the substantial time, money, and manual labor that home-brew assay design requires, thereby enabling a new level of high-throughput, low-cost SNP genotyping or gene-expression research studies," said Dennis Gilbert, Ph.
Professor Tania Bubela, from the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, Canada, said: "In principle, anyone with access to the yeast strain and basic skills in fermentation could grow morphine-producing yeast using a home-brew kit for beermaking.
A SCIENTIFIC breakthrough has created the terrifying prospect of heroin made using home-brew beer kits.
Mumbai: A batch of home-brew liquor has killed at least 31 people in northern India, with more than 100 others ill in hospital, police said Tuesday, in the latest incident of alcohol poisoning in the country.
But it isn't the first home-brew recipe to come out of the White House.
Home-brew shops closed across the region, the industry association was disbanded and the only magazine on the subject ceased publication.
Plus the store is one of the only shops in the region to sell home-brew kits.
In colonial times, home-brew was as much a part of American life as burning witches or shooting Redcoats.
Courtesy of our airport security regulations, I've had a fair few swigs of my own home-brew and I can tell you, it's honking.
MASTER brewer Chris Hogg and his parents Barbara and Robert spent 20 years telling people how to make beers and wines as owners of a small home-brew shop.