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home in (on someone or something)

Fig. to aim directly at someone or something. She came into the room and homed in on the chocolate cake. She saw the cake and homed in.
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home in (on something)

1. to aim for and move directly toward something When he questioned the witness, the lawyer homed in on him like a laser. The missile homed in on the ship.
2. to aim your attention toward something The report homed in on the faulty wiring that might have caused the fire.
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home in

1. To move or advance toward a target or goal: The missile first homed in, then hit its target. The investigators were homing in on the truth.
2. To direct one's attention; focus: Our closing argument should home in on the evidence found.
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Myleen left her apartment in Bowling Green and moved with Joan and Jonaleen to a friend's home in Louisville.
0-In Confirm uses DCE technology to home in on exactly the right value in exactly the right cycle, exposing essentially all low-probability, data-value bugs.
As part of the two-year investigation, INS agents seized Merced's $350,000 home in La Habra, a Mercedes-Benz, a Honda minivan, a Lexus and about $10,000 in cash and jewelry.
There is a chance he will live long enough to return to his home in the San Fernando Valley with his mother, Maria, in the next few months after this visit.
The latest incidents were reported Friday when a home in the 13900 block of Keisha Drive in Moorpark was burglarized and attempts were made at two other homes.
A loving husband with a steady income, friends and a comfortable home in Sherman Oaks were more than she could ask for.
Then on Wednesday, Parker, 25, shot and critically wounded CHP Officer Rafael Casillas, who was at the door of Parker's home in the 15600 block of Harvest.
Last year while playing in Mexico, his beloved mother Stephanie, who brought him up single-handedly, suddenly died back home inS Chicago of a heart attack.
95 mil hosp & nsg home ins mtg (Albany Med Ctr & Alice