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3) The portfolio company has management that is separate from the financial holding company to the extent required by section 225.
The New York State regulations provide, as an illustration of whether corporations are conducting a unitary business, an example where two corporations -- a holding company and its wholly owned subsidiary -- are not deemed to be conducting a unitary business when the holding company's only activity is receiving dividends from the subsidiary.
I like holding hands because it gives me a feeling of being a part of the celebration and expresses the feeling of "where two or three are gathered in my name.
A finder must distinguish the products and services offered by the financial holding company from those offered by a third party through the finder service.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the court applied both the transactional and functional tests, holding that the sale of undeveloped land did not produce business income because the land was held as a passive investment and was not used in the company's business.
Implements the GLB Act's restrictions on the routine management or operation of a portfolio company by a financial holding company.
78-47, in which an acquisition of a holding company's assets by its five-percent-owned operating subsidiary was deemed a valid tax-free reorganization under Sec.
Moreover, a national bank itself or any bank holding company already can invest up to 5 percent of its capital in a small business investment company that, in turn, can own up to 49 percent of the voting shares of any small business; the banking organization can also make loans to those businesses.
We're pleased about the opportunity to add the patented technology and talented people of KNOVA Software to the CRM side of M2M Holdings," said Dave Tabors, general partner for Battery.
1223-3(a), a partner has a divided holding period for his partnership interest if:
Nevertheless, for families still holding financial assets, median holdings more than doubled, whereas mean holdings increased only about 40 percent.
2 Lancashire Holdings Limited (the "Company") sets out