hold your breath

hold (one's) breath

1. To intentionally stop breathing for a short period of time. I can't hold my breath for very long, so I doubt I'll be able to swim down deep enough to grab the rings.
2. To wait for something specific to happen. In this usage, the phrase is usually used in the negative. The electrician said he'd be here before noon, but I won't hold my breath. She wrote a letter of complaint to the airline asking for a refund, but she said she isn't holding her breath.
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hold your ˈbreath

1 stop breathing for a short time, for example because you are afraid of something or very anxious about something: I held my breath as the car skidded towards me.
2 be anxious while you are waiting for something that you are worried about: ‘When will you hear about your job application?’ ‘Not till next week. I’m holding my breath until then.’
3 (informal) don’t hold your breath used for telling somebody that it’s not worth waiting for something: We’ll let you know if there’s any work for you, but don’t hold your breath.
See also: breath, hold
References in classic literature ?
Now all hold your breath a moment so I can listen well.
They explained it was where you hold your breath and dive under water for extraordinary lengths of time without breathing apparatus.
Don't Hold Your Breath is the purr-fect solo debut.
We want to hear that if you hold your breath, you'll burn twice as many calories than if you breathe normally.
And, of course, when all else fails, hold your breath, wear black and think piles
While OIG usually completes most of the studies it launches each year, don't hold your breath for immediate changes in reimbursement rates or working standards, according to St.
The brain decides how long you can hold your breath for.
Experts said throughout 2000 that prices had to decrease some time, but prices rose by a third during the first three quarters of the year Oil company executives say prices in early 2001 should fall from about US$32 a barrel to a range of $22 to $28 per barrel--but don't hold your breath.
Yes, you'll hold your breath as you learn whether or not you'll recover those computerized sales leads, databases and ten year projections that you spent hours on and never finished printing.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 4 (ANI): Hold your breath guys
It is very important not to hold your breath, as this can elevate your blood pressure.
You can hold your breath voluntarily but the reflexes in the brain will eventually override this.
As I've mentioned previously, don't hold your breath for this launch,'' Musk wrote on his blog Friday.
Yet undaunted I shall keep contacting Tim Johns (BT's press officer) every week on your behalf and ask him to arrange a meeting, but don't hold your breath.