hold together

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hold someone or something together

to keep a group of people or things together. She worked at two jobs in order to hold her family together. Our club was failing despite our efforts to hold it together.
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hold something together

to keep the parts of an object together. Hold this broken vase together until I get back with the glue. What can I use to hold this together?
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hold together

[for something] to keep from falling apart. Don't run the engine too fast because it won't hold together. Do you think that this book will hold together much longer?
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hold together

1. To keep something from falling apart: The paper clip held together the memos. The rubber band held the manuscript together.
2. To remain functional and whole: I'm surprised that old car is still holding together so well. I hope this computer holds together until I can afford a new one. My family has managed to hold together through some tough times.
3. To maintain one's composure. Used reflexively: Hold yourself together. He held himself together after the accident.
4. To be logically sound: Your explanation doesn't really hold together.
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They create a family that cannot hold together for obvious reasons, but their time together gives each of them something they would never have thought to look for in each other.
Scotchshield, the first window security film designed to hold together broken glass, was invented by 3M in the 1960s.
While synchronizing five separate actors for ten minutes across their video worlds is an elaborate and complex task, it makes one aware of the sheer immensity of effort needed to hold together the thick net of culture we each navigate daily.
Traditional therapies for heart attack known as fibrinolytics, such as tenecteplase, break up the fibrin strands that hold together the blood clot.
Oak wood has, in shipping crates and barrels, contained food, beverages, and the nails used to hold together crates, barrels, and buildings.
Does the rock hold together easily or crumble apart?
There's nothing you can if the craft doesn't hold together.
hold together more than 84% of the Telmex common stock with full voting rights.
On its own the bacterial slime didn't hold together wood sheets as well as a conventional petroleum-based resin adhesive does.