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HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 ITV, 7pm The dark lord Voldemort rises to ultimate power over the magical world, so the teenage wizard and his friends set out on a mission to find the magical horcruxes - artefacts containing parts of the evil wizard's soul that hold the key to destroying him.
THESE five women could hold the key to the unsolved murder of music festival victim Robert Hart.
NEW video footage could hold the key to solving the brutal gangland murder of Declan O'Reilly, gardai believe.
Washington, June 29 (ANI): A research team, including an Indian-origin boffin, has revealed that sponges, sea worms and other underwater creatures may hold the key to cure for malaria.
Established in 2001 in Sedgefield, County Durham, U Hold The Key already has more experience than most in providing storage solutions to the business and domestic storage markets.
According to Iongtime science writer Siegfried, game theory may hold the key to unifying the life sciences and physical sciences.
It all goes back to incentives, which, the authors seem to say, hold the key.
The journeys explore the very seas that hold the key to understanding the health of the world's ocean currents.
Ancient artifacts hold the key to power beyond imagination in this enthralling and adventurous tale.
There is an untapped market we believe we hold the key to.
Just in time for Memorial Day and the official kick-off to summer, Coors Brewing Company (CBC) is launching a new alcohol responsibility initiative designed to remind consumers that they hold the key to preventing drunk driving.
BRIAN LITTLE believes Paul Hall and Ryan Taylor could hold the key to Tranmere's promotion hopes.
But power this great is almost beyond mortal comprehension, and could potentially hold the key to the galaxy's demise, as surely as its salvation.
If these findings are applicable to human pregnancy, then a focus on events around the time of conception may hold the key to prevention of one of the major causes of preterm birth, Bloomfield and his colleagues conclude.
Miss Marple's observations may hold the key to solving multiple crimes but she hasn't been asked by the police to reveal what she knows.