hold onto

hold onto something

also hold on to something
to continue to keep something She might be better off holding onto her old computer for a year or two. The way to prevent fear from becoming panic is to hold onto your good sense. The team held on to first place with a 4–3 win last night.
See also: hold
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Liverpool's biggest worry is that they cannot hold onto a lead.
In a separate poll conducted by the AA in January, it was discovered 79% said they were planning to hold onto their current vehicle for as long as possible.
Prest: Hold onto what is good/Even if it is a handful of earth.
The new law signed Wednesday requires funeral homes to hold onto unclaimed ashes for 12 months.
flat road, blowing words They won't hold onto her steep railing
5 billion for the Washington DC and Seattle portfolios while it was expected the firm would hold onto the 12 million square feet of Boston properties.
Venice offers three key lessons about building up the people resources of the region: Cluster talent, Reward talent, and Hold onto talent.
LMU stumbles: Two days after stunning second-ranked Connecticut to climb into the national rankings, Loyola Marymount's men's soccer team failed to hold onto a lead at Central Connecticut State.
A change in a single position of a rice plant's genetic code lets it hold onto grains until harvest, new research suggests.
however, hold onto grief, and they fly on to the next plaything in life.
Most stores are okay but we are urging people to hold onto their receipts to prove they bought the goods from a particular store.
Kenny continued to hold onto the knife-wielding attacker and called out to a nearby truck driver for assistance.
Rigidity in students that makes them hold onto previously learned instructions or be unwilling to change their habits.
CELTIC legend Danny McGrain has urged the club to pull out all the stops to hold onto Bobo Balde.