hold ground

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hold/stand your ground

1. to refuse to change your opinions or behaviour, even if other people try to force you to do this The union stood its ground in negotiations despite pressure by management to accept a pay cut.
2. to refuse to move backwards, especially when you are being attacked The small, poorly armed band of guerrillas stood their ground against an overwhelming attacking force.
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Retro products continued to hold ground with more classic properties being reintroduced -- all in new, refreshed versions made relevant to today's more tech-savvy kids, while maintaining the basic storyline that captured their parents' hearts when they were young.
Extremists have been targeting security forces stationed in the region since they were forcibly flushed out last year, which shows that they still hold ground.
The bench noted that since the first notification about elevation of Chief Justice LHC stood cancelled, therefore, the second notification also did not hold ground and Justice Saqib Nisar would continue as the senior most judge of LHC.
home prices however, the currency failed to hold ground as industrial outputs.
Trying to hold ground against a sustained onslaught of armour, artillery and air power is suicidal for an irregular force, the article opines.
14 (ANI): Though the global financial slowdown has affected the Indian information technology and BPO industry hard, companies like IDS Infotech have continued to hold ground.