hold attention

hold someone's attention

Fig. to keep someone's attention; to keep someone interested. The boring teacher could not hold the students' attention. The mystery novel held my attention and I couldn't put it down.
See also: attention, hold
References in classic literature ?
Their usual main or only purpose is to hold attention by successions of marvellous adventures, natural or supernatural; of structure, therefore, they are often destitute; the characters are ordinarily mere types; and motivation is little considered.
The rest of the cast is intriguing enough to hold attention, particularly when the pacing lags at the beginning.
Kim Jong Un has gone out of his way to make sure the North will hold attention throughout the games.
Adjacent to the lake is an amusement park where children play and have their share of fun and one of the sites that hold attention of the visitors is the newly constructed replica of legendary Assamese Ahom General Lachit Borphukan, who is known for his leadership during the famous battle of Saraighat, fought between the Ahom Kingdom and the Mughal Empire.
The screen is for visual treatments that capture and hold attention.
HOW LONG Each dog is different but short sessions are better as they make it easier to hold attention and make progress.
The use of engaging colors has been shown to grab and hold attention and provides a welcome change from the drab tones of the custody environment.
In a world awash with eye-catching imagery, it takes something special to hold attention for more than just a few minutes.
How do marketers capture and hold attention in this age of fractured attention spans and user preference in allowing messages on handheld devices?
Yes, it's much easier to engage and hold attention in a conversation than in a monologue, but with some unforeseen pattern shifts, multi-screen engage- ment becomes a challenge.
The film feels utterly stagnant, devoid of any anchors that would hold attention.
Standing tall at more than sixfeet, the moustached Malkhan with a red tilak on his forehead manages to hold attention of the crowds.
The music itself is polished X Factor perfection; scrubbed so hard, in fact, that it becomes smooth and forgettable, but peppered with just enough enjoyable sounds and flashing colours to hold attention and capture the imagination.