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hoist by (one's) own petard

To be injured, ruined, or defeated by one's own action, device, or plot that was intended to harm another; to have fallen victim to one's own trap or schemes. (Note: "hoist" in this instance is the simple past-tense of the archaic form of the verb, "hoise.") I tried to get my boss fired by planting drugs on him, but I was hoist by my own petard when the police caught me with them beforehand.
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hoist (a/the) white flag

To offer a sign of surrender or defeat; to yield or give in. After the prosecutors brought forward their newest evidence, the defendant hoisted the white flag and agreed to the plea bargain. We've been in negotiations for weeks, but it looks like the other company might finally be ready to hoist a white flag.
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hoist the blue peter

To leave or prepare to leave. This nautical term refers to the blue and white flag that sailors would hoist before departing from a location. Hoist the blue peter, gentleman, so we can set sail!
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fish something up out of something

 and fish something up
to pull or hoist something out of something, especially after searching or reaching for it. The old shopkeeper fished a huge pickle up out of the barrel. He fished up a huge pickle.
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hoist with one's own petard

Fig. to be harmed or disadvantaged by an action of one's own which was meant to harm someone else. (From a line in Shakespeare's Hamlet.) She intended to murder her brother but was hoist with her own petard when she ate the poisoned food intended for him. The vandals were hoist with their own petard when they tried to make an emergency call from the pay phone they had broken.
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Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.

Prov. Begin a project when circumstances are the most favorable. Don't ask your mother for permission now; she's in a bad mood. Hoist your sail when the wind is fair. Wait until the economy has stabilized before trying to start your own business. Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.
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hoist with your own petard

also hoist on your own petard
to be harmed by something that was intended by you to harm someone else The most enjoyable moment in any action film occurs when the villain is hoist with his own petard.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of hoist by your own petard (blown into the air by your own explosive device), an expression made popular in Shakespeare's play, “Hamlet”
See also: hoist, own, petard

be hoist by/with your own petard

if you are hoist by your own petard, something that you did in order to bring you advantages or to harm someone else is now causing serious problems for you The government, who have made such a point of criticizing the opposition's morals now find themselves hoist by their own petard as yet another minister is revealed as having an illicit affair.
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hoist a few

  (American informal)
to drink several glasses of beer or other alcoholic drink We stopped at Donovan's on the way home and hoisted a few.
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white flag, show the

Also, hang out or hoist the white flag . Surrender, yield, as in Our opponents held all the cards tonight, so we showed the white flag and left early. This expression alludes to the white flag indicating a surrender in battle, a custom apparently dating from Roman times and adopted as an international symbol of surrender or truce. [Late 1600s]
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hoist one

tv. to have a drink. Let’s go out and hoist one sometime.
See also: hoist, one

be hoist with one's own petard

To be undone by one's own schemes.
See also: hoist, own, petard

hoist by your own petard

Hurt by your own misdeed. A petard was a medieval bomb made of a container of gunpowder with a fuse, and to blow open gates during sieges against towns and fortresses. Unreliable, petards often exploded prematurely and sent the person who lit the fuse aloft (the “hoist” image) in one or more pieces. The phrase, which is often misquoted as “hoist on one's own petard,” comes from Hamlet: For 'tis the sport to have the engineer Hoist with his own petard; and ‘t shall go hard But I will delve one yard below their mines And blow them at the moon . . .
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Habib ur Rehman (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) hoisted the national flag of Pakistan and AJK.
Each section was to be hoisted to a height of 50m, where the ring would be assembled and welded.
While talking to the media, the municipal chairman Manmohan Singh Malla said that it was decided during a meeting that the flag will be hoisted by him but the BJP MLA came to the event with his goons and started fighting over the issue.
In Latehar, Maoists hoisted a black flag on the terrace of a school and stuck a poster with anti-government slogans and threats.
After being hoisted aboard the two aircraft, the crew members were taken to Portsmouth Naval Hospital for treatment.
The Goodrich translating drum can accommodate an infinite number of fleet angles -- the relative angle between the helicopter and the load being hoisted.
A discharger lifting frame allows the entire unit, with or without bulk bag in place, to be hoisted from a single lift point by plant cranes having 5,000 lb.
Saturday's lift was halted after just a few seconds with the obelisk just shy of vertical when the kite hoisted the 170-pound May about five feet off the ground.
Ore hoisted in the shaft will move the same amount of material to the surface in about 12 minutes.
President Mamnoon Hussain along with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hoisted the national flag.
LAHORE -- National flag was hoisted at several places in the city to commemorate Independence Day with favour.
26 (ANI): A group of 50 adventurous individuals in Gujarat hoisted the national flag, the Tricolour at sea off the Porbandar coast, as the countrymen celebrated the 61st Republic Day by participating in different functions or watching the annual R-Day parade on television sets sitting at home.
The victim was then hoisted aboard the HH-65 Dolphin and transported to Lakewood Hospital in Morgan City, La.
The rescuers - some dressed in street clothes - helped place the 13-foot 8-inch, 1,670-pound whale on a stretcher, which was later hoisted onto a refrigerated truck for a three-hour trip to the San Diego marine park.