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A euphemistic spelling of "hell," referring to each L resembling a hockey stick in shape. "Oh yeah?" said Tommy to the schoolyard bully. "Well, you can go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks!"

be jolly hockey sticks

To act or speak in an enthusiastic but disingenuous or irritating way, especially when one is of a high social class. Lady Cartwright is always jolly hockey sticks, so I don't trust a word she says. I don't have the patience to be around people who are jolly hockey sticks all the time.
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tonsil hockey

slang Open-mouthed kissing in which both partners' tongues touch. There's this area behind the school where lots of couples go to play tonsil hockey.
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and hocky (ˈhɑki)
mod. dung. (see also horse hockey.) Watch out for that hocky there in the gutter.


and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!

horse hockey

1. n. horse dung. You don’t see horse hockey in the streets anymore.
2. n. nonsense. I’ve heard enough of your horse hockey.
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play tonsil hockey

tv. to kiss deeply, using the tongue. Kids sit around in cars, playing tonsil hockey all evening.
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tonsil hockey

1. n. oral sex performed on the penis; fellatio. (Usually objectionable.) Give him a good round of tonsil hockey, and you’ve got a customer for life.
2. n. French kissing. The two kids spent the rest of the evening playing tonsil hockey.
See also: hockey, tonsil
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