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Byron, for example, could lightheartedly mock Wordsworth--and his whole "reading" of him is packed into the conceit by which he takes his aim; Hazlitt and Keats tend to reduce him to the "egotistical" issue, of not being negatively capable enough to get beyond the projected self and its limited private enthusiasms; Hunt's view is a blunt yet perhaps admirable test based on politics, but it moves very reductively against enthusiasm in religion; while Coleridge, who may well be the largest and is certainly the most damaged of these contemporary forces, has hobbyhorse issues based on the intense past experience of a friend, someone also whom he had wished to recruit intellectually for the "great philosophical poem.
24) For evidence that Edgar carries some sort of hobbyhorse or stick with a head ("Tom will throw his head at them.
The OECD mounted its self-righteous hobbyhorse and declared itself owner of the moral high ground.
Seeking to underline a particular avenue of political thought or hobbyhorse, or jump on a recently built bandwagon, politicians will demand of their nation's athletes that they not take part in some upcoming major event.
Importantly, it was at this period in his life that Hawthorne was particularly steeped in Romantic (German) philosophy and theory (Cook 1971, 43), a favorite hobbyhorse of Melville's from his days in 1849 with Professor Adler.
In earlier writings he asks how a stick figure can for a child stand for a hobbyhorse.
Hours later I looked through Holy Fools and Mad Hatters: A Handbook for Hobbyhorse Holiness, published in 1993, and found this passage: "We might gain a unique insight into the personality of Jesus by imagining him wearing a black top hatter.
Rich, having ignored the context of the President's political and diplomatic remarks, finds no difficulty in ignoring the context of his social speech as well if that provides him with yet another opportunity to ride his latest hobbyhorse and reiterate what can only be a feigned belief in Mr.
Linked to all kinds of sexual misdemeanors (as Philip Stubbes complains in his Anatomie of Abuses [1585]), the dance usually, but not invariably, includes Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and a hobbyhorse.
After the Gephardt campaign in 1988--and in far more prosperous times than FDR's--the economic rant became Bob Shrum's hobbyhorse.
Another hobbyhorse I have is re-use and carryover," continues Pfannschmidt.
1) However, reflection on poverty can no longer afford to be the hobbyhorse of a few philanthropically minded supporters, or simply a subject for study by researchers.
Until that decision was handed down (on March 1, 2005), it remained possible to view the appearance of foreign law in constitutional decisions as nothing more than a minor hobbyhorse for Justice Stephen Breyer or Justice Kennedy--a merely rhetorical nod in the direction of the mostly Western European judges with whom they have become friends at international judicial conferences and other such venues over the years.
The other hobbyhorse I would ride, that needs riding, is foreswearing once and for all the pre-modern ethnocentrism that comes with holding on to the Chosen Peoples doctrine.
When President Bush and his congressional allies began touting their new AIDS hobbyhorse in January, they assured social conservatives that the program would be based on a proven "ABC" approach that stresses behavioral change, with "A" for abstinence, "B" for be faithful, and "C" for using condoms--when appropriate.