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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hive off

To set something apart from a group: The CEO hived off the department into another division. The police academy hived the new recruits off during orientation.
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The shell of the Hive was returned to its place, a light was set in its sticky emptiness, tier by tier the Figures built it up, closed the entrance, and went away.
He inspected his hives in early April to discover that four of his six Queens were missing.
Generally, bees are shaken from several different hives into a package or cage setting on a scale.
The yobs discovered hives set up by a community project involving schoolkids, housing bees first developed by a monk at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, where the infamous tonic wine is made.
The site was reasonably flat, well drained and protected from hazardous natural wind which could blow off the hives.
The Chronic Urticaria Or Hives - Pipeline Review, H2 2014 therapeutic industry research report provides an overview of the Chronic Urticaria or Hives therapeutic pipeline.
The idea came about when National Park Warden Ian Penn was undertaking some work on a building at Craig y Nos and discovered that wild bees had created hives in the walls.
Chicago allergist, Dr Brian Rotskoff said, that, the drug, for years was used to treat allergic asthma, and now has been tested to treat chronic hives with overwhelmingly positive results.
The resulting hybrid hives can be managed easily with proper training, common sense about hive placement and good communication with neighbors.
Three half pound jars of honey were harvested from the hives and are to be auctioned to raise funds for the hospice; it has been aptly named "Bee part of it" honey.
Julietta has teamed up with Slaithwaite beekeeper Paul Webley who has installed an observation hive and two production hives at the garden centre.
Cushman & Wakefield has for a number of years kept hives at buildings it manages in Regent Street, central London, and has now decided to extend the project to the rest of the country, including Birmingham.
In year-2010, about 10 to 12 honey-hives were observed in a mango orchard, but the occurrence got reduced to 4 to 6 hives in 2011.
A study out of the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that patients with hives had very low levels of vitamin D.
After a long history of robbing bee nests for honey, humans began offering wild honey bees various crafted hives in hopes of coaxing them to take up residence and provide their custodians with a manageable source of honey.