hit the right note

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hit the right note

To be perfectly suitable for a particular situation or circumstance; to get it exactly right. The commercial hit the right note with its target audience, and was one of the most highly rated spots of the year. It's tricky trying to hit the right note during a job interview, when you're trying to sell yourself while remaining relatable.
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hit (or strike) the right (or wrong) note

say or do something in exactly the right (or wrong) way.
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hit/strike the right/wrong ˈnote

(especially British English) do, say or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion: Somehow, he managed to strike just the right note in his final election speech.
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She hits the right note in identifying the central affront to democracy in the way Clinton funded his money-talks re-election campaign: "One of the most precious commodities in America, if not the world -- the President's time -- was parceled to the White House meetings with prospective or recent large donors, and the people they brought along.
Segel and Rudd Male-bonding comedy hits the right note.
SEFTON: Music teachers are ensuring the BBC's Reading and Writing family festival hits the right note.
Studio bosses believe that Irishman Farrell, who has featured in a string of movie hits in recent months, including Minority Report, The Recruit, Daredevil and Phone Booth, hits the right note to play a living-life-on- the-edge rocker.
Michael Evans hits the right note vividly and sustains it well as Mr.
JOOLS Holland hits the right note as he raises a royal smile with an exaggerated, fawning bow.