hits the fan

something hits the fan

bad things develop or suddenly become known After I learned I had cancer, I realized you need laughter more than ever when things hit the fan.
Related vocabulary: the shit hits the fan
See also: fan, hit
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But no, when the dog dirt hits the fan, Bernie scarpers in the opposite direction.
A reader sent me this collection and I chuckle every time I read them, even on a Monday: Whatever hits the fan, will not be distributed evenly.
TRADERS got us into this mess, so I find it hard to feel pity for them when the proverbial hits the fan.
Without it, the shroud moves around and hits the fan blades.
The central focus of Maddie's sister Barbara's wedding is where it all hits the fan.
Before it all hits the fan, you need to come up with a corrective action plan.
The wit really hits the fan when they discover the objects of their affection are actually father and daughter.
CRICKET has bumbled its way through in recent years, devoid of real characters and making waves in sport only when the sleaze hits the fan and dodgy bookies and greedy South African captains pop their heads over the parapet.
Consider taking steps right now, before the you-know-what hits the fan.
Well, this is the year of convergence, when the you-know-what hits the fan and we find out just how much movie audiences want to see feature-length cartoons.
Shareholders will be happy when this hits the fan," adds company exec Taylor Moffitt
Kevin's on board to discover if their plans succeed, or if the ship hits the fan.
When it hits the fan you will need her and you might find her not available to support you if you kept this from her for all this time.