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hit on someone

Inf. to flirt with someone; to make a pass at someone. The women were all hitting on George, but he didn't complain. I thought he was going to hit on mebut he didn't.
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hit on something

to discover something. She hit on a new scheme for removing the impurities from drinking water. I hit on it when I wasn't able to sleep one night.
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hit someone (or an animal) on something

to strike someone or an animal in a particular place. The stone hit me on the leg. I hit the beaver on its side and it didn't seem to feel it. She hit herself on her left cheek.
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hit (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to strike or pound on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Jeff hit upon the mugger over and over. I hit on the radio until it started working again.
2. Fig. to discover someone or something. I think I have hit upon something. There is a lever you have to press in order to open this cabinet. I hit on Tom in an amateur play production. I offered him a job in my nightclub immediately.
3. Go to hit on someone; hit on something.
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hit on somebody

to clearly show that you are sexually attracted to someone Pete doesn't even realize half the time when girls are hitting on him.
Related vocabulary: come on to somebody
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hit on something

also hit upon something
1. to discover or think of something new Adams and her record producer hit on a jazzy, sophisticated style.
2. to mention something briefly I just called to make sure that we hit on everything you need when we met yesterday.
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hit on

1. Also, hit upon. Discover, happen to find, as in I've hit upon a solution to this problem. [c. 1700]
2. Make sexual advances to someone, especially unwanted ones, as in You can't go into that bar without being hit on. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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hit on

1. To strike someone or something in some particular area: A branch fell off the tree and hit me on the back.
2. To discover something: We finally hit on a solution to our financial problems.
3. Slang To pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to someone: I can't believe that the bartender hit on me!
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So I looked for a way of marrying the two ideas - classifieds and launching an internet project and hit upon the car boot sale.
That's when they hit upon the list of 100 questions.
In the midst of becoming a senior employee, I've hit upon an idea: use some of my accumulated sick leave to shorten my work week.
The director ultimately hit upon "a child-murderer, a man who is forced .
Bill Clinton hit upon "ending welfare as we know it" during the 1992 campaign, when the pollsters reported it was his most popular campaign issue.
But some corporations believe they've hit upon a solution to the problem.
As he listened to the poem, Kevin immediately hit upon an idea: to raise money for Special Olympics by asking businesses and individuals to sponsor the planting of tulips throughout his town.
Our neighbourhood was poor but there were a few people in town who were well off, so my mate Brian and I hit upon a plan.
We hit upon the idea of attending a wedding fair to raise awareness of this issue.
Sainsbury hit upon the pollack, left, but its marketing people considered this to be a nightmare with buyers embarrassed to ask for it, in case they were misheard.
The couple, from South Shields, hit upon the idea after Ms Mach-ers's son, Jonathan, 18, was diagnosed with leukaemia.
com has hit upon the novel idea of rewarding people who bnd the best candidates for job vacancies.
JACK BLACK thinks he has hit upon why he has become Hollywood's most unlikely sex symbol.
This night, the professional club DJ intuitively hit upon a blockbuster mix of three winners -- Michael Jackson's ``Wanna Be Startin' Somethin','' Outkast's ``The Way You Move'' and Salt-N-Pepa's ``Push It'' -- skillfully manipulating the beats while layering on sound effects to create 15 minutes of hip-shaking rocket fuel.
But MP4 have hit upon a problem - anybody looking for the band on the internet may stumble across a Chinese hip-hop outfit with the same name who fill their tracks with 'filth-ridden' lyrics.