hit the right note

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hit the right note

To be perfectly suitable for a particular situation or circumstance; to get it exactly right. The commercial hit the right note with its target audience, and was one of the most highly rated spots of the year. It's tricky trying to hit the right note during a job interview, when you're trying to sell yourself while remaining relatable.
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hit (or strike) the right (or wrong) note

say or do something in exactly the right (or wrong) way.
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hit/strike the right/wrong ˈnote

(especially British English) do, say or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion: Somehow, he managed to strike just the right note in his final election speech.
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These can then readily be applied to highly-threatened species in the wild, such as in places like Mauritius where we've hit the right note by successfully helping the likes of the Mauritius olive white-eye, Mauritius fody and Mauritius cuckoo shrike.
BUDDING pop star Kevin Rutkiewicz intends to hit the right note in his biggest-ever gig on Sunday - but hopes he'll leave Queen of the South fans singing the blues first tomorrow.
Mobile entertainment leader Mobliss and televised entertainment sensation "American Idol(R)" have hit the right note powering Fox, FremantleMedia, and Cingular's groundbreaking interactive mobile campaign, bringing Idol-related messaging services to more than 49 million wireless subscribers via the newly expanded Cingular Wireless network.
Unfortunately, we are often subjected to warblers who couldn't hit the right note with a sledgehammer.
Restaurateur Venancio Toucedo clearly hit the right note by offering Jardel a free meal for every goal.
MUSICIANS hit the right note with these Liverpool youngsters.
Terry Jacobs of Canyon Country said the ceremony hit the right note for her accomplishments.
Worked impressively on Racecourse Side on Saturday morning and can hit the right note here.
Guardian Media Group finally landed radio station jazz fm yesterday after an improved offer hit the right note with its board of directors.
Muller obviously hit the right note for some of them though, as its specially created web site -- www.
SOUNDS OF PROGRESS This music group really hit the right note with EastEnders star Laurie Brett
A group of singing mums hit the right note at a series of carol concerts in Darlington.
Peter Karrie, star of The Phantom of the Opera, made a visit to Cardiff's David Morgan department store and found that the closing down sale hit the right note with his bank balance.
A band is looking for new members to help it hit the right note again.
GOVERNMENT funding has hit the right note with children in one of Liverpool's most deprived areas.