hit the headlines

hit/make the headlines

to become important news and be reported in the newspapers and on the television and radio The latest scandal to hit the headlines is about a minister's son arrested for drug-dealing.
See also: headline, hit
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She hit the headlines in 2005 after flying to Turkey for two weeks, leaving her three young children with a 15-year-old babysitter.
The goalkeeper hit the headlines for his actions both on and off the pitch last season and the arrival of fellow Pole Lukasz Zaluska cast further doubt over his Parkhead future.
His research into the impact of the closure of the Rover factory hit the headlines when it emerged that although most of the former Rover workers had found jobs, two-thirds of them had taken a pay cut.
Perhaps Clr Kath Pinnock would like to hit the headlines again by informing the public of Kirklees just how much council tax payers' cash has been spent in the past five years on councillors and officials taking trips abroad on so-called council business, whatever the reasons.
Sir Alex hit the headlines when he berated referee Martin Atkinson after Manchester United's shock FA Cup quarter-final defeat by Portsmouth.
The store hit the headlines a year ago when it was claimed Tesco had tried to "sabotage" its opening by sending out discount vouchers to locals.
HAD Story One been told before Coldplay hit the headlines, they'd be playing to capacity crowds in the world's biggest stadia by now.
The chat show host hit the headlines recently when his programme was described as being like "a human form of bear baiting" by a judge after one guest punched another in the face.
The bird, called Mary, has hit the headlines after being taught the Barcelona fans' anthem El Cant del Barca by her owner in the town of Calafell.
2001 -Alan and Judith Kilshaw hit the headlines after buying American twins over the internet.
The Archbishop of Armagh, Sean Brady, who only days earlier hit the headlines by criticising the Government's handling of security force collusion with loyalist killers in Northern Ireland, made a direct appeal for the Provisionals to wind up their operations for good.
Long before Canada s alluring new options for gay and lesbian weddings hit the headlines, Sheila Allen and Alex Volin decided to declare their commitment to each other in a ceremony on July 6.
Born-again Christian Mrs King hit the headlines six years ago when she befriended Christie.
Then, there are tunes like ``A Boy and His Machine Gun,'' which Good says he wrote before school shootings hit the headlines.
The coelacanth first hit the headlines in 1939 after the discovery of a single dead specimen near East London, a few hundred kilometres southwest of Sodwana.