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Arab News According to local media, the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.
The Massachusetts State Police said that the driver confessed to have "accidentally" hit the gas pedal instead of brakes, reports the CNN.
He refused to let his distressed partner leave and she was heard shouting "please Mark don't hit the gas pipe" and becoming hysterical as police saw the pipe vibrating.
The woman then put the car into reverse, and hit the gas instead of the brake, causing the car to travel backward across the length of the parking lot, through a hedge and some grass, and into a black Ford Escape that was stopped at the exit and waiting to turn onto Tyinn Street.
Heat 14 saw Hopwood take a sensational early lead but with Lindgren chasing Clegg hard behind, the Monarchs' man hit the gas down the back straight of the last lap and flew round to the front to take a shared 3-3 in a superb heat of action, but with one to go the Diamonds now needed a maximum 5-1 to draw the match.
The day Ann Murray accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, she knew she'd had a wake-up call she'd never forget.
It is believed workmen building a fence hit the gas pipe.
As I rummaged for money the Thelma and Louise in me suddenly took over and before I knew it I had knocked the car into second gear, hit the gas, and gone through without putting the money in.
The flow of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey was halted on Tuesday due to technical problems which also hit the gas flow from Iran, Turkish officials told Reuters, curbing supply to Turkey as it faces pressure to meet high winter demand.
Skoda is well on track and continues to hit the gas pedal.
The Slovak, 21, hit the gas 150m from the finish to clinch his second stage victory, ahead of Team Sky's Swift.
When you need to get to the office, simply fold up the driver's seat and hit the gas.
While defects such as bulky floor mats that could pin down the gas pedal, sticky gas pedals that were slow to come back up after the driver's foot was removed inspired the recalls, the latest investigation suggests that in as many as 35 cases the diver hit the gas instead of the brake pedal.
The driver had no plans to stick around and face either the carnage he wrought or any penalties: 56-year-old Leroy Hoover hit the gas as soon as the girls were behind him.
At the top of the stretch, I hit the gas and she give me what she had and run on down through the wire pretty handily.