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The highlight - the ability to enjoy the peaceful scenic waterscapes while sensing the thrill of the fan boat ride when the guide hit the gas and sped across the water.
With the rain falling, heat 13 saw Cook spin out and off on the opening bends, stopping the race and getting excluded from the restart won by Masters who hit the gas hard on the wet track leaving Worrall and Lindgren to pick up the pieces on the 3-3.
As I rummaged for money the Thelma and Louise in me suddenly took over and before I knew it I had knocked the car into second gear, hit the gas, and gone through without putting the money in.
The flow of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey was halted on Tuesday due to technical problems which also hit the gas flow from Iran, Turkish officials told Reuters, curbing supply to Turkey as it faces pressure to meet high winter demand.
Skoda is well on track and continues to hit the gas pedal.
By the time I hit the gas chambers, I never wanted to stop screaming," she added.
The Slovak, 21, hit the gas 150m from the finish to clinch his second stage victory, ahead of Team Sky's Swift.
The main concern for us was that the vehicle hit the gas mains.
The driver had no plans to stick around and face either the carnage he wrought or any penalties: 56-year-old Leroy Hoover hit the gas as soon as the girls were behind him.
At the top of the stretch, I hit the gas and she give me what she had and run on down through the wire pretty handily.
But the driver hit the gas, and I mean, he hit the gas.
DUBLIN hit the gas at Parnell Park last night and burned Westmeath off by half-time to keep a firm hold on their O'Byrne Cup crown.
He said: "The thing is, we'd been moving through the gears with volumes 1 & 2, so I had the feeling 3 was time to really hit the gas and deliver that peak time experience.
Watch commander Andrew Dickson said: "He tripped and fell down the stairs and hit the gas heater in the hallway which dislodged the pipework and triggered the leak.