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In 1942 Billboard began to publish African American hits as the "Harlem Hit Parade.
Len Lungo rode Pipe's first ever winner - Hit Parade at Taunton on May 9, 1975 - and fittingly saddled Monolith to victory in the 34 Festival Winners Commercial First Hurdle.
Members said the Hit Parade helped make up for the loss of the vendors.
Fortunately, a wide variety of genuinely uplifting, edifying music is still available, from the timeless works of the classical masters to the refined rhythms of the Big Band era, the soulful romance of Hit Parade favorites, and many other wholesome genres.
Hit Parade obituary: No more monthly Argentina numbers, reports Media Metrix, although quarterly reports will continue.
But unless you're old enough to remember Perry Como's television show and Your Hit Parade, you probably don't know about Peter Gennaro, who died late last year at the age of 80.
5 Documenta X (Kassel, 1997) Over the course of the postwar period, Documenta was always conventionally conceived of as a hit parade of the newest trends.
She had not had a hit record in nearly forty years, but her absence from the hit parade had done little or nothing to diminish her stature as one of the true giants of rhythm and blues music.
The Resurgent Liberal (and other unfashionable prophecies) Reich's hit parade of our economic follies are all on view in this lively collection of Reagan-era essays.
But a report just issued by New Paradigm Resources Group shows the opposite may be true - today Cable MSOs have a much stronger core business than their competitors and are preparing this platform to launch a hit parade of video, voice and data offerings that will push upstart media barons down the charts in the years ahead.
BT2 launched its new season wardrobe yesterday and it is a hit parade with must-have pieces.
More than 1,000 civilians 1952: Britain's first hit parade was published in the New Musical Express.
Various Artists 1962 British Hit Parade - Part 2 COVERING the period from July to December 1962, this five-CD box set features 151 pop songs from the likes of Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard & The Shadows, as well as a few lesser names.
Garston The bad news happened at a time when acts and artists from his home city were dominating the hit parade.
In the '80s he was like some chart-bothering adenoidal android assailing the hit parade with coldly catchy synth-heavy rockers like Cars and Are Friends Electric?