hit off

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hit something off

to begin something; to launch an event. She hit off the fair with a speech. The mayor hit the fair off by giving a brief address.
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0 earthquake hit off New Zealand today, but seismologists said it was unlikely to result in damage in the remote area.
Krista Kaczorowski also had a header hit off the crossbar in the 52nd minute for the Eagles.
I didn't get high that day, though I remember the weird sensation of taking my first hit off a joint while squinting across the playground at a cement statue of the Virgin Mary.
That's a skewing of the ball's course by the spin that the club puts on a ball hit off center.
I look back at the home run he hit off Shields, and it was 96(mph),''
The recent tremor resembles one that hit off the coast of Peru in 1996, which also generated a strong tsunami, Newman says.
They were available to hit off the bench but did not.
The lone hit off Tomko came in the fourth on an infield grounder by Preston Wilson, although it was originally ruled an error on third baseman Bill Mueller.
One of those was hit off the side of his right calf by infielder Brian Sprout, but Perez wasn't hurt.
I have been hitting in the cage - off the tee, soft toss and short toss - but this was the first time live on the field with a coach throwing,'' said Kent, who hit off roving minor-league hitting instructor Bill Robinson.
Fact is, it's difficult to root for sweet Marisol getting her kid back when we've seen her criminally neglect the little girl, going so far as giving her food away in return for a hit off the crack pipe.
Also: Third baseman Dallas McPherson (strained left hip) hit off a tee Friday but remains more than a week from returning.
Orlando Cabrera's third-inning single was the lone hit off Drese, who was released last week by Texas, until Adam Kennedy's one-out single in the eighth.