hire away

hire someone away (from someone or something)

[for one] to get someone to quit working for some other employer and begin working for one. We hired Elaine away from her previous employer, and now she wants to go back. The new bank hired away all the tellers from the old bank.
See also: away, hire
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According to one broker source, both AIG and Berkshire "are Cylawyering up' as AIG anticipates Berkshire Hathaway may move to hire away even more AIG surplus lines executives" in a move to grab market share
Such agreements are a violation of antitrust laws since agreeing not to hire away top talent could stifle competition for highly skilled workers and hold down wages.
Station's right to hire away any or all employees and executives of the OpCo assets prior to their sale, regardless of their strategic role, at Station's sole discretion.
Turgeon's boss, Texas A&M director of athletics Bill Byrne, made it clear in a Friday interview he would do everything he could to fend off any school attempting to hire away Turgeon.
One determined suitor, Russian media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky, reportedly went so far as to hire away Gerwe's entire executive team.
Were I in charge of the Judd estate, I would hire away this expert on the spot and dispatch her to advise every public collection with such works in its care.
More than 10 years ago a letter to Business Week asked rhetorically, "Who would try to hire away John Akers of IBM or Lawrence Rawl of Exxon or Rand Araskog of ITT?
We systematically benchmarked the cash compensation against other comparable public companies - including those that were trying to hire away our top management because they are so good at what they do.
Look, there's no way in a million years that Disney could hire away someone like Minsky or Papert,'' Goldberg said.
However, we will file again if we perceive more unfair efforts to hire away our employees.
Jackson took advantage of an industry downturn in the late '80s to snap up unprofitable vineyards and hire away well-regarded wine makers.
In the federal lawsuit, Borg-Warner had obtained the security contract for an Erlanger, Kentucky client facility, previously serviced by Guardsmark, and then attempted to hire away Guardsmark security officers working at the facility.
Well, it could hire away - or clone - the Los Angeles Times' Christopher Knight.
Said eTAGZ CEO, Isaac Jacobson, "It is really fortuitous for eTAGZ to hire away a lawyer of Sean's caliber and acclaim from such a respected firm.
Sinden said Milbury tried to hire away the Bruins' equipment manager, Ken Fleger.